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No. 1 - 2010

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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2010.

Management Brief: Manufacturing Outsourcing
Both strategic and pricing decisions lie at the heart of outsourcing choices. In order to rapidly expand operations and capture markets at an opportune time, capital, technical, and employee resources are required. Outsourcing is often an attractive option, since it offers the availability of needed resources without the need for new capital. Risks can also be shared with the outsourcer, and financial flexibility gained via reduced debt levels. However, certain intangible costs, associated with political and economic risks and supply chain management restrictions, should be seriously considered when entering into outsourcing partnerships........read more..
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Upcoming Events

2010 4th International Quality Congress Middle East, United Arab Emirates - March 22-24, 2010. Organiser: HBM e University, MEQA, M O T, University of California (UC) Berkeley.
Benchmarking for Excellence, Kuwait February 21-22, Bahrain February 27-1 March, UK April 15-16, 21-22, Singapore 13-14 May, Malaysia 17-18 May. Professional benchmarking training and certification using the TRADE methodology. Organiser: COER.
Employee Engagement – Our People Matter, February 24, Birmingham. Organiser: Best Practice Club.
14th International Conference on ISO9000 and TQM, Scranton, United States, April 5 -7, Organiser: University of Scranton.
World Conference on Quality and Improvement, St. Louis, United States, May 24-26, Organiser: ASQ.

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more events

Benchmarking for Excellence, Kuwait 21 Feb 2010, Bahrain 27 Feb 2010
World-Class Organisational Learning through Professional Benchmarking. The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) offers 2-day interactive workshops in TRADE, where you will be introduced to a number of tools in practical work sessions that will help you in the planning and undertaking of a benchmarking project. It is beneficial if you are able to identify a benchmarking area of focus (a process, activity or level of performance that needs to be improved) prior to the workshop. For more information email Dr Robin Mann via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Benchmarking Presentations on You Tube
We recently added a series of benchmarking presentations to You Tube. They are explained in full on our BPIR blog.
1. A benchmarking example from the health sector (see it here)
2. What is benchmarking? (see it here)
3. Popularity of benchmarking (see it here)
4. Benchmarking is becoming easier due to advances in social media (see it here)
5. What is the BPIR.com? – and how it supports benchmarking (see it here)
View the whole blog here

BPIR Network - what's been happening?
Well our new network is slowly gaining momentum. There are upwards of 350 member profiles now created and these people, from more than 20 different countries, are now talking to each other, making new contacts, finding synergies, and benefiting from being able to plug in, whenever they like, to a group of business improvement focussed individuals. Have you created your own member profile yet? Tried out the contact mechanisms? If you have any issue in the business performance area on which you could do with some help, some objective opinion, or just need someone to bounce ideas off, then just plug in to the network and reach out.

Example: Last week I received a contact from a manager in Singapore who was having a real struggle managing several remote teams. Over a series of emails which then quickly developed into a Skype conference call with a few others in our networks we not only provided effective assistance but we all learned something valuable from the experience and also made some excellent contacts / potential colleagues / clients / customers.

Selected BPIR blogs
Benchmarking presentations - COER has just launched a series of YouTube videos on benchmarking? ..........read more.
Keyword Searches - The value of doing a BPIR keyword search is evidenced by a recent request........read more.

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation - from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three topical examples:

Performance Measurement - Selection of Performance Measures...?. read more (go to category 7)
Benchmarking - Best Practice Maturity Grid...?. read more (go to category 7)
Leadership - Ethical Decision Making Process.....read more (go to category 1)

Featured publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the publication titles from the "Management" category (one of 23 categories):

- S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal
- Director
- Management Today

- MIT Sloan Management Review
- Singapore Management Review
- Academy of Management Journal

Members read the latest issues - non members see available titles

Research - Can you participate?
Which improvement tools should be used on the journey to business excellence?
Research is being undertaken to identify which business improvement initiatives should be used according to the following areas: leadership and social responsibilities, strategy and policy, customers, processes, workforce, and partnerships and resources. To take part in the survey and benefit from the research findings, please answer the on-line questionnaire here by February 28, 2010. For further information and a free copy of Musli’s recent research paper on selecting business improvement initiatives, contact Musli Mohammad , PhD candidate, COER, at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Research study: Lean concepts and tools ranked by lean practitioners4121
A survey to determine the importance of Lean-specific concepts and tools received responses from 45 lean practitioners who ranked concepts and tools in order of importance as follows:
1. Standardisation of work processes.
2. Value stream or process mapping.
3. Defect-free production (poka-yoke, jidoka).
4. Pull approach.
5. Takt time.
6. Cycle-time reduction......read more

Research study: Downsizing considerations in 45 countries4092
A research study of more than 1200 business leaders (91% HR professionals) from 45 countries examined global trends in separation practices. The study found that companies considered separation practices as part of an overall strategy to preserve and strengthen the relationship between the organization and its disparate constituents. Other findings: 1. 95% of organisations reported problems resulting from a reduction in force, particularly noting decreased levels of morale (71%) and reduced loyalty (62%) among remaining employees......read more

Case study: Lean is method of operating business for award winning manufacturer 4172
In 2009 Autoliv, a US airbag manufacturer, was awarded The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence for its Lean Manufacturing system (the Autoliv Production System or APS) that helped create a self-directing, self-explaining, and self-improving visual workplace..........read more

Case study: Training Needs Analysis leads to new hires getting up to speed faster 4160
When a major US manufacturer increased its design engineer complement by hiring new college graduates it initially determined that a series of seminars, lectures, and similar formal learning experiences for the new employees would be the best approach to get them up to speed. A training needs analysis was conducted to examine the current state of performance and define the desired state of performance. The analysis revealed...........read more

Research requests
Fresh information added every month in answer to your requests. Submit your issues for next month. How this service works
Last month's requests
Currently being researched
1. Lean Manufacturing
2. Downsizing alternatives
3. Training needs analysis
4. High performing document control systems

1. Communities of Practice
2. Sustainability
3. Leadership
4. Innovation Strategy

..to check out the website keep in touch with other members through the network and view the rest of our research. There are 1000's of case studies, research papers, and 'expert' articles linked to over 1000 strategies, tools and techniques. More and more are added each month. We know you will find valuable knowledge and we always welcome your feedback, so if you have time, please email any comments about our services to feedback@BPIR.com, or simply fill in and submit our 30 second survey found under "Newsletters-subscribe".

And if you are currently not a member of the BPIR, or wish to upgrade your membership to a site-wide membership, then we encourage you to do so right now.. JOIN NOW.. you won't be disappointed.


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