BPIR Newsletter - No. 4 2010
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
No. 4 - 2010
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Welcome to our fourth newsletter of 2010.

Management Brief: Succession Planning
Succession planning builds a pipeline of potential leaders and other key personnel that are essential to the vitality and sustainability of successful and dynamic organisations. Such organisations create a culture of talent development, which incorporates strategies for the selection, coaching, and retention of quality employees. Succession planning is a key component of strategic planning and, as such, contributes to the achievement of an organisation’s mission, goals and initiatives........read more.

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Upcoming Events
Benchmarking for Excellence, Singapore 16-17 September. Saudi Arabia/Bahrain 9-14 October. Benchmarking training & certification using the TRADE methodology. Organiser: COER/MgDelxis.
Creating Value Through Quality Conference
, Nepal, September 18- 20. Organiser: Asian Productivity Quality Organisation.
Third Generation Quality Management Qualcon Conference
, Canberra, Australia, 27-30 September. Organiser: Australian Organisation for Quality.
Innovation and Creativity EFQM Forum
, Bilbao, Spain, October 4-6. Organiser: European Foundation for Quality Management.
Performance Excellence Summit
, Toronto, Canada, October 20. Organiser: National Quality Institute.
Business Excellence Global Conference , Singapore, 9-10 November. Organiser: SPRING Singapore.
International Benchmarking Conference, Kuwait, December 5-6, Organiser: GBN and GLC.

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more events

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Latest News
Goal 1: Teeny Weenie Summertime Bikini (or appropriate swimwear) –
What is the link between Teeny Weenie Summertime Bikinis and goal setting? It is all explained here….read more.
Is your CEO worth his pay?
New research suggests the whopping pay packets of many chief executives may not only be justified but vital to ensure business success.….read more.
Learning from the best: an interview with Dr. Robert Camp
- If benchmarking today is an established business practice, much of the credit goes to the efforts of Dr Robert C Camp….read more.
Workplace Wellness
– 10 simple ways to keep fit at work…read more.
Workaholics Anonymous
– Find out if you are a workaholic and need help…read more.
Watch a webinar on “Business Excellence & Benchmarking - A Global Perspective”
read more. Benchmarking in year 2030, any idea what it will look like? – If so let the Global Benchmarking Network know….read more.

Eighty-six countries with National Quality / Business Excellence Awards

Research conducted by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research has revealed that 86 countries have a National Quality / Business Excellence Award.
  • 8 countries follow an exact copy of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • 31 follow an exact copy of the EFQM Excellence Model
  • 9 follow a tailored version of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • 9 follow a tailored version of the EFQM Excellence Model
  • 18 have unique models
  • 12 have a model based on a combination of other models
  • 10 are unknown
9 countries promote more than one model….. Read more

Spotlight on Events
There are just a few days left to register for Benchmarking for Excellence in Singapore. These workshops are on TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking – the methodology promoted by the Civil Service College and Singapore Productivity Association. Other workshops are being held in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and the United Kingdom in the next few months.

- Do you fancy a once in a life time trip to Nepal? – Well, apart from the fantastic scenery and having an amazing cultural experience you will also find out what makes the world’s best companies tick. The conference, 18-20 September, includes presentations from the World Class Winners of the International Asia Pacific Quality Awards 2010. Four organizations have won the awards at the highest level (based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence) and seven others best in class awards. If your organization would like to participate in the awards for 2011, visit the Asia Pacific Quality Organisation website.

Learn from the world’s best – In Asia, through the creation of a Centre for Excellence for Business Excellence (administered by SPRING Singapore on behalf of the Asian Productivity Organisation) there is now an increased emphasis on business excellence – this conference is the Centre’s flagship event.  The Business Excellence Global Conference is being held on 9-10 November in Singapore . This is an opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best companies and leading experts in business excellence.

- Benchmarking, benchmarking, and more benchmarking – This is what you will learn about at the 5th International Benchmarking Conference, to be held in Kuwait, 5-6 December. This is a Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) and Gulf Lead Consultants event and brings together experts on benchmarking from around the world. Benchmarking, according to most studies, is now at least “a top five tool” with some studies now positioning it as “the No.1 tool for helping organisations to become more productive and better at what they do”. The conference includes a Roundtable Discussion on “What will Benchmarking look like in 2030 – and in between?” The GBN is continuing to increase awareness and use of this powerful improvement methodology – to find out more about the GBN and its work in benchmarking you can read its latest newsletter.

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation - from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:

Marketing Excellence – Is your marketing up to scratch?..... read more (go to category 4)
Knowledge Management
– How good is your knowledge management system?….. read more (go to category 5) Checklist for Presentations – Need to improve your presentation style or delivery? ..... read more (go to category 7)

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the publication titles from the "Health / Hospitals / Medicine" category (one of 23 categories):
- Australian Nursing Journals
- Canadian Journal of Public Health
- Community-Practioner

- Healthcare Executive
- Nurse-Researcher
- Optometric Management
Members read the latest issues - non members see available titles

Best Practice Case Studies
Read one of our best practice case studies:

Health and Safety Programme - drug free
The cost of a single accident by an employee impaired by alcohol or drugs has the potential to devastate a small business. United Fire Equipment Company (UFE)’s drug-free workplace policy was a key component of its overall efforts to ensure the highest standards of workplace safety and customer service. Pre-employment screening and post-accident drug and alcohol testing were essential parts of the UFE programme. Pre-employment screening helped to attract higher calibre employees, while post-accident testing demonstrated to current employees that substance abuse would not be tolerated, and this acted as a deterrent. During employee orientation staff were informed of the drug-free workplace policy and the required procedures for reporting accidents and injuries. Bulletin boards and the organisation’s intranet were used to keep employees updated concerning the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.......read more

Health and Productivity Programme delivers healthy ROI

To increase health and productivity a US Insurance Company established a wellness programme which covered smoking cessation, weight loss, health pregnancy programmes, biometric screenings, and associated advisory programmes on healthy lifestyles. To encourage participation the company reduced contributions for medical coverage and lowered co-pays. Whilst the company was focussed on increasing participation and not on ROI, it was reported that the ROI on wellness spending was about 3 to 1, when lower medical and absenteeism costs were taken into account......read more

Customer Complaints Resolution Process satisfies all involved
Faced with complaints about how long it took to address graffiti complaints, the City of Minneapolis reviewed its processes to become more efficient. Previously graffiti complaints were registered at the police department and a local precinct officer was to photograph the graffiti . Because graffiti itself was not a high priority a complaint could sit for weeks before the site was photographed. The police would then send the complaint to the department of public works for cleanup. Because of the dissatisfaction the city decided to send graffiti complaints directly to the department of public works and provided employees with digital cameras so employees could take the pictures of the graffiti which were forwarded to the appropriate police precinct. The department of public works then quickly cleaned the site. The new process drastically reduced the amount of time it took to respond to graffiti complaints......read more

Leadership Development and Employee Training an important aspect of Award Winning effort
To support its lean manufacturing efforts Autoliv, a US airbag module manufacturer, based its creation of a lean culture on the idea that managers must dedicate time to teach employees. Every leader was viewed as a coach and teacher and was expected to train and lead employees to improve skills and abilities and understand the philosophies of their lean methods (called the Autoliv Production System or APS). An annual succession-planning process identified people with leadership ability who have achieved significant results. Intense training was held by the company and leadership trainees were taught the tools to run and manage a production line. Comprehensive training on the APS was developed and taught by managers, supervisors, and subject-matter experts and given to all employees. ...... read more

Research Requests
Fresh information added every month in answer to your requests. Submit your issues for next month.
Last months requestsCurrently being researched
1. Customer Complaints Resolution
2. Workplace Safety
3. Healthy Workplace
4. Succession Planning
1. Leadership Development
2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
3. Employee Induction
4. Customer Market Segmentation

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