BPIR Newsletter - No. 4 2011
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
No. 4 - 2011

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Welcome to our fourth newsletter of 2011 – sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events. Non-members of the BPIR can read the newsletter but will be unable to access some of the links.

Management Brief: Employee Onboarding

Employee costs form a significant part of the operational expenses of most organisations. It makes sense, therefore, to recruit and retain personnel of the highest calibre that can be found, and then to ensure that these valuable staff become fully productive as quickly as possible. Onboarding programmes are designed to ensure that new employees become engaged as soon as they set foot in the door, and then to progressively integrate them into the organisation and its culture. Onboarding usually has a long-term perspective; it incorporates coaching/mentoring to help employees reach their fullest potential. To ensure that the investment an organisation has made in its staff is not prematurely lost, well-designed onboarding programmes provide a purposeful focus upon morale and job satisfaction. read more..

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Upcoming Events
Benchmarking for Excellence, Wellington 30-31 August, Kuala Lumpur 28-30 Sept, Singapore 13-14 October, Abu Dhabi 23-25 October Doha (Arabic) 28-29 November, Doha 30 Nov-1 Dec, Kuwait 6-8 December.

14th Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, San Sebastian - Spain, 29-31 August. Hosted by TECNUN, University of Navarra.

2011 IEEE International Conference on Quality and Reliability, Bangkok, 14-17 September. Organiser: IEEE TMC Thailand Chapter

QUALCON 2011, Adelaide, Australia, 16-20 October.. Organiser: Australian Organisation for Quality (AOQ). 

3rd Business Excellence Global Conference, Singapore, 17-20 October. Organiser: SPA.

8th China Shanghai International Symposium on Quality, Shanghai, 31 October - 5 November. Organiser: China Association for Quality.

Benchmarking for Performance and Best Practice, Kuwait, 4 - 5 December. Organiser: Gulf Lead Consultants (GLC). 

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more events

BPIR Message

In the last month I have had a very demanding schedule conducting workshops and presenting at conferences in 6 countries... Travel can be exciting but I found it exhausting as I seemed to pick up viruses from each county I visited ☹ - not the best way to become acquainted with the local culture!. However, as well as the detrimental health effects of international travel, it did give me an opportunity to do a spot check on the health of the countries I visited.

It is evident that Singapore’s economy is buoyant, India is growing fast (but a few days after I left they suffered from a terrorist attack in Mumbai), Bahrain was experiencing terrific uncertainty as a result of recent protests, United Arab Emirates was now focussing on growth whilst maintaining its position as a stable and secure country in a rapidly changing Middle East, Hungary was striving to come out of the European economic crisis, and the UK was focussing on its austerity program – money was tight!

Whilst all these countries are experiencing change there was a common thread – there appears to be a renewed focus on productivity – the recognition that resources need to be used with care with the need to produce - more from less - to be competitive. As such many conferences, like the forthcoming Business Excellence Global Conference in Singapore are focussing on “Productivity” as a conference theme.

A key way to increase productivity is to learn from the experience of other organisations – therefore learn how other organisations have increased productivity whilst meeting the needs and obligations of customers, workers, and shareholders. We believe there is no better resource to help you to do this than the bpir.com... please enjoy our resource and improve your productivity!   

Dr Robin Mann, Co-Founder BPIR.com Limited, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Spotlight on Events

  • 2011 IEEE International Conference on Quality and Reliability - The International Conference on Quality and Reliability, 14-17 September, serves as the platform to link academia, industry and the Government in promoting and stimulating a good awareness of, and dedication to, quality and reliability improvement procedures and good practice. To be held in Bangkok - Thailand. 

  • QUALCON 2011. The theme for this year’s conference in Adelaide, Australia, 16-20th October is “Winning in the global economy through collaboration, innovation and excellence". Focusing on practical and hands-on experience, topics at Qualcon 2011 will include a combination of presentations and a Team in Excellence competition. The Teams in Excellence Award  will  recognise the people, teams and organisations who implement Continual Improvement strategies like Kaizen, Quality Circles, Lean, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Product and Process Risk Reduction, Theory of Constraints, BPR, Process Mapping, TPM and Six Sigma™.

  • Learn from the world’s best at the 3rd Business Excellence Global Conference - In Asia, through the creation of a Centre for Excellence for Business Excellence (administered by SPRING Singapore on behalf of the Asian Productivity Organisation) there is now an increased emphasis on business excellence – this has been marked by an annual Global Conference on Business Excellence – the Centre’s flagship event. This year the conference aims to be even bigger and better (is this possible)!. SPRING have joined forces with the Singapore Productivity Association and the Asia Pacific Quality Organisation. During the conference the award winners of the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) will receive their award from Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO) to honour their outstanding performance and leadership in business excellence.

  • Benchmarking for Excellence training workshops have become hugely popular. These workshops provide “Certified Benchmarking Training – Level 1” on TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking – ensuring that benchmarking projects are conducted in a professional manner leading to new innovations and breakthrough improvements.  Workshops are planned in India, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Qatar, UK and the UAE in the next few months. In-House workshops are also available.

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – assess your current Enterprise Risk Management framework in order to consider where improvements might be made ....read more (go to category 1)
  • Strategic Planning – Assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation's strategic planning process ....read more (go to category 3)
  • Organising for Innovation (Public Sector) – determine your innovation readiness ....read more (go to category 6)

Featured publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the titles from the "Accounting" category (one of 23 categories): 

- Accounting Education News
International Journal of Government Auditing
- Charter
- Journal of Accountancy
- Behavioral Research in Accounting

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Best Practice Case Studies

Read one of our best practice case studies:

Employee absence review initiative wins award

To increase productivity by reducing sick-leave absences the Missouri Department of Transportation, a US state government agency, developed and launched a new initiative. Workers were encouraged to better manage their sick leave to provide a safety net for health emergencies, rather than wasting sick days to extend weekends and holidays. Sick leave requests and requests were to be made directly to a supervisor rather than via a voice-mail message. Supervisors met individually with employees who had a pattern of unscheduled absences and gave them a message to shape up or ship out. Sick leave usage was measured, employees and supervisors were educated and results were tracked. Between 2005-2009 total sick leave dropped by 130,000 hours, (about 60 FTEs), and the Department won the 2009 Optimas Award for Service for its initiative in addressing absenteeism. read more

MBA students equipped with mental toughness

In 2011 MBA students at New Zealand’s Massey University became the first in the country to have their mental toughness evaluated as part of their programme. The university drew on work by American psychologist Martin Seligman, whose research showed greater success rates for people with an `optimistic explanatory style`. As part of this new component in the MBA programme, students took the Seligman questionnaire during their orientation weekend, and received results the same weekend. The results were then applied to equip candidates with a proven set of tools to help them excel in academic study, as well as in their future roles as managers and leaders. read more

One stop shop for movie makers

The city of North Bay in Canada launched a new film portaI as a community development One Stop Shop project to complement the services of local music and film production companies. The portal featured service providers, talent and locations, including listing lists local actors. Carpenters, accommodation and other service providers. The city also partnered with other local municipalities to assist producers and directors considering project locations. In 2009 and 2010 several large productions set up and shot film in the city. read more

360-degree feedback used with virtual teams to boost productivity and performance

As a means of boosting productivity rbb Public Relations, a US PR firm, offered telecommuting and virtual work options to its employees. The concept was formalised as company policy in about 2008, reviewed at least once a year, and adjusted to meets changes in technology and employee and client demands. 360-degree feedback was used to evaluate performance and found to be effective at motivating people to do their best. Staff better understood their roles and how poor performance affected co-worker and team performance. Consequently staff tried harder to deliver. read more

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