BPIR Newsletter - No. 5 2010
BPIR Newsletter - No. 5 2010
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
No. 5 - 2010
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Welcome to our fifth newsletter of 2010.

Management Brief: Customer Compliant Resolution
Customers can be won for life by taking the trouble to fix their problems in a competent and caring way. By really listening to concerns, and by immediately responding with a solution, customers can be both impressed and delighted. A complaining customer usually believes that something can —and ought to—be done to remedy his or her problem; this offers a special opportunity for organisations to ensure that they retain valuable customers. Extraordinary customer experiences are mostly achieved by doing many small things effectively to build up an outstanding record of customer service. ........read more.

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Upcoming Events
Benchmarking for Excellence , London Nov 30-1 Dec, Singapore 13-14 January, Abu Dhabi 13-14 February, Kuwait 20-22 February. Benchmarking training & certification using the TRADE methodology.
International Benchmarking Conference , Kuwait, 5-6 December, Organiser: GBN and GLC.
Modern Approach to Quality & Productivity Conference , Tehran, Iran, 9-10 January. Organiser: Amaco
How to give Quest for Excellence a New Meaning Conference , Dubai, UAE, 31 Jan-3 Feb. Organiser: Hamdan Bin Mohammad e-University.
Middle East Quality Association Conference , Abu Dhabi, UAE, 7-8 Feb. Organiser: ADICOE.
Business Excellence Winners Conference , Singapore, 23-24 March. Organiser: SPRING Singapore.
55th EOQ Congress - Navigating Global Quality in a New Era , Budapest, Hungary, 21-23 June. Organiser: EOQ.

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Feedback on our new website!
Feedback on the new, BPIR.com. has been extremely positive. The new design more clearly explains what we do, and for our members it quickly helps them to find information they want! If you have any feedback on the new website – good or bad – please email Robin at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .View our membership offerings at JOIN NOW.

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Spotlight on Events

Spotlight on Self- Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:

Governance – How is your governance board performing?....read more (go to category 1)
Action Planning – Can your action planning processes be improved?....read more (go to category 3)
Change Management – Does your organization successfully manage change? ....read more (go to category 6)

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the publication titles from the "Banking and Finance" category (one of 23 categories):
- American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
- Fiscal Studies
- Financial Market Trends

- Finance and Development
- Finance and Development
- Research Money
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Best Practice Case Studies
Read one of our best practice case studies:

Leadership Development aims at breakthrough projects
Cisco had created a best in class leadership Development programme and its Center for Collaborative leadership was a powerful example of this. Ciscos ran an Action Learning Forum where around 60 senior leaders participated in a 50 percent executive development and 50 percent action learning forum. Over this 16-week course, teams would compete for internal project funding. Only one team would receive funding. Since launching in 2006 these projects have earned over US$1B in value for Cisco. The current goal looked to deliver US$25B in added value over the next five years. At Cisco LD was positioned as a competitive enabler; they developed their leadership brand as `a great place to be for leaders`; there was a clear business outcome/value-add expectation; they invested in time and money; and aimed at breakthrough projects which would create new and sometimes altered markets .....read more

Customer Experience Management lifts company’s customer satisfaction rankings
To improve customer experience, Sprint, a Global telecommunications products and services company, initiated a process called the `The Magnificent Seven,` and aligned the company and its employees around its goals. To meet identified customers wants and needs Sprint’s new marketplace offers were introduced with unprecedented simplicity and value, including its innovative Sprint Free Guarantee, which offered industry`s only money-back guarantee. After these improvements the company’s overall rating jumped 15% in a Forrester survey whilst its competitor’s rankings improved by 1% at best. The increase was largely driven by improvement in the `easy to work with` score. The company was recognised as the most improved company in customer satisfaction across all industries by the 2010 American customer satisfaction Index (ACSI) .....read more

Employee Engagement and Low Staff Turnover
First Direct (FD) based its brand on customer perception and experience; hence employee engagement was critical to success. At the heart of FD was a pledge to treat its employees as individuals in order to help them exude friendliness, confidence and competence. The following factors contributed to FD’s engaged workforce:
- Leadership, staff felt that senior management took their opinions seriously,
- Recruitment was tightly controlled
- induction took 7 weeks and mentors worked with recruits until they were confident to take calls alone,
- More than 1,000 different shift patterns were available to staff,
- Call lengths were never measured,
- Staff turnover at FD was 14%, well below the industry norm, and
- In 2009 FD won the Your Money award for best online bank
.....read more

Customer segmentation (market segmentation) works for agrochemical company
When its patents for `Roundup` expired Monsanto, a US agrochemical company, used a needs-based market segmentation approach. Three market segments were identified as (1) a price-driven segment of customers (who were offered a generically labeled product); (2) a mainstream segment (who were offered a `Roundup` branded product); and (3) a technically sophisticated segment (who were offered a product called `Roundup Weather Max`, which was marketed as being very effective even under difficult weather conditions). As a result Monsanto maintained its 60% share of the global herbicide market even though the patents had expired and cheaper substitutes were readily available .....read more

Research Requests
Fresh information added every month in answer to your requests. Submit your issues for next month.
Last months requestsCurrently being researched
1. Leadership Development
2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
3. Employee Engagement
4. Customer Market Segmentation
1. One-stop shops
2. Public-Private Partnership
3. Employee Induction
4. Failure Mode Effects Analysis

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