BPIR Newsletter - No. 6 2011
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
No. 6 - 2011

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Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year in 2012 from the BPIR team!  Welcome to our sixth and last newsletter of 2011 – sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events. (Non-members of the BPIR can read the newsletter but will be unable to access some of the links).

Best Practice Report: Customer Service Excellence

Organisations that want to provide outstanding customer service have to address every aspect of customer management with equal intensity. Top-notch workflows and supply chain performance are essential to excellent customer service. But, so too are the underlying emotions. trust and control customers experience during interactions with an organisation. Emotions, trust and control often drive, or subconsciously reinforce, how customers perceive service interactions. Organisations that take the time to understand each of these elements can discover opportunities to create improved, excellent customer services. When looking to provide outstanding customer service, success is measured in terms of how a customer benefits from the help that an organisation offers. The ability to create unique value for customers differentiates an organisation from its competitors; this, in turn, enables a company to set a fair price for what it offers the customer. read more..

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Upcoming Events

Benchmarking for Excellence, Doha (Arabic) 10-11 January, Singapore 1-2 March, Philippines 27-28 March.

6th Quality Conference in the Middle East, Dubai, 30 January - 2 February. Organiser: Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU).

6th International Benchmarking Conference, Dubai, 6-7 March. Organiser: Dubai Quality Group (DQG) and Global Benchmarking Network (GBN). 

World Business Capability Congress, Auckland, 5-7 December 2012. Organiser: Centre of Organisational Excellence Research (COER) and New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ). 

** See BPIR Events Calendar for more events

Latest News
  • Four Organizations Win 2011 Baldrige National Quality Award - For the first time in Baldrige award history 3 organisation out of the 4 Winners are from healthcare sector.   .... read more

  • Founder of BPIR.com is awarded the Harrington/Ishikawa Medal for 2011 - Dr. Robin Mann was awarded the Harrington/Ishikawa Medal, read the full post to know the reason. 

  • Armand V. Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal - Achievement Medal was presented to a research professor of the Academy of Math and System Sciences, Shanghai.   .... read more

  • Service Excellence Initiatives in Europe - An interesting research about service excellence uptake in Europe.  .... read more

  • Dispute Resolution for a Brighter Outcome - A proactive and cost effective approach for dispute resolution.    .... read more

  • Business Excellence Chile - First issue of Business Excellence Chile newsletter.   .... read more

  • Singapore Business Excellence Awards 2011 - 9 organisations have won the prestigious Spring Singapore business excellence awards.   .... read more

Spotlight on Events
  • 6th International Benchmarking Conference. Benchmarking, according to most studies, is now at least “a top five tool” with some studies now positioning it as “the No.1 tool for helping organisations to become more productive and better at what they do”. The 6th International Benchmarking Conference will be held in Dubai, 6-7 March. This is a Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) and Dubai Quality Group (DQG) event and brings together experts on benchmarking from around the world.
  • World Business Capability Congress Centre of Organisational Excellence Research (COER) and New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ) jointly are organising the World Business Capability Congress incorporating the 27th NZOQ Conference and the annual conference of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) the 6th International Benchmarking Conference. The conference includes the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards dinner. 
  • The congress will be held from 5 to 7 December 2012 in Waipuna Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand
Call for Papers..
        Take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to speak at the conference and share your experience, organisation’s best practices or your leading edge management research.
Submit your Abstract/Bio right now... Don't miss this one!!!

Make sure you include this conference in your diary and travel plans for 2012!

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:
  • Board Development – This assessment tool can help you to guide a group discussion about your organisation's board development process. ....read more (go to category 1.1)

  • Return on Sales – This self-assessment tool will help to you to assess the impact of your sales training. ....read more (go to category 4.2)

  • Innovation Process This self-assessment tool aims to assess how well your organisation manages the process of innovation......read more (go to category 6.2)

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the titles from the "Engineering" category (one of 23 categories): 
- Chemical Engineering Progress
- Engineer
- Engineering Management Journal
- Industrial Engineer
- Foundry Management & Technology
- Petroleum Economist

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Best Practice Case Studies
Read one of our best practice case studies:

Leadership development maintained in spite of reduced training budget
Even though its training budget was reduced the US Environmental Protection Agency, was able to maintain its high-value leadership training programmes. The organisation blended online courses in situational self-leadership with structured classroom work and paired participants with executive coaches for leadership sessions to discuss and practice what was learned. Frontline leaders also received training related to succession planning and performance management and emerging leaders were required to complete rotational assignments to complement formal course work. The informal tools helped to rekindle technology investments in 2010.. read more

Roadmapping integrated into strategic planning
To support integrated strategic planning, Orona, a Spanish lift company, used technology roadmapping to identify future technologies and associated R&D projects. Roadmapping helped organise, prioritise, and complement the project ideas, coming from creativity workshops, brainstorming sessions, and technology watch, by providing a future vision based on state-of-the-art constraints. Ultimately, roadmapping helped the company identify key areas of research and the projects related to them.. read more

Knowledge management in a Taiwanese company
Taiwanese semiconductor company launched a Knowledge management (KM) project in the late 1990`s. The project centred KM on Knowledge groups of about 30 employees within departments. Group members established mutual understanding of one another and acquired information via daily interaction. Workers found problem-solving partners when needed and groups helped streamline the learning curve for new employees and reduced the chance for errors to occur repetitively. When customer complaints came in all related departments collaborated to fix problems. Solutions from different groups were analysed and compared to find the best solution. The system proved so successful that the number of Knowledge groups grew from five in the first year of implementation to over a hundred in the third year.. read more

Human Resources Strategy wins Singapore Quality Association award
The National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) won the 2010 Singapore Quality Association People Excellence Award for its human resource (HR) strategy. The NLB had used its HR strategy to transform itself from a custodian of printed materials to a gateway of knowledge. Among other things the NLB: 1) developed separate career development tracks for library professionals, managerial staff and domain specialists to enhance staff professionalism; and 2) developed a collaborative environment through learning and knowledge sharing, by leveraging on electronic systems, cross-functional project teams, and staff designated as knowledge champions. Thie startegy helped the NLB to make workforce changes that supported its transformation.. read more

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