BPIR Newsletter - No. 6 2012
BPIR Best Practice Newsletter
No. 6 - 2012


Welcome to our sixth newsletter of 2012 – sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events. (Non-members of the BPIR can read the newsletter but will be unable to access some of the links).

Best Practice Report: Information Communication Technology

Over the last decade, there has been a vigorous growth in telecommunications worldwide-and the mobile cellular market has become the fastest growing telecommunications market in history. National high speed broadband networks using fixed and mobile platforms are being established globally. There is increasing pressure for Telcos to share their massive resources while acting collaboratively to provide enhanced ICT services at competitive prices. Smartphones and tablet computers using advanced authentication processes are poised for increased use, as they can be used for private and professional purposes. The opportunities for providing ICT services for these devices appear to be almost limitless. read more..

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Upcoming Events

Quest for Quality: Process Improvement Tools, Toronto 7 & 28 February,  Organiser: Excellence Canada.

EFQM Certified Assessor Training, Dubai, 9-11 February. Organiser: Dubai Quality Group.

Benchmarking for Excellence, Singapore 7-8 March, Malaysia 19-20 March. 

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Latest News

  • Curtin University wins the 1st International Best Practice Competition Read about the first International Best Practice Competition and how a University from Australia won the award.   .... read more

  • Ten Reasons People Resist Change - What is the reasons behind change resistance?.   .... read more 

  • Working Towards a Citizen Centered Government – Keynote Presentation in New Zealand - An interview with Art Daniels, a keynote speaker at the World Business Capability Congress.   .... read more

  • Genichi Taguchi 1924 – 2012 - One of the modern quality movement pioneers has passed away.  .... read more

  • Goodbaby International: A World-Class Quality Model - An article by quality guru H. Harrington about his visit to Goodbaby International in China.  .... read more

  • What is the bottom line? - Interesting report published by ISO.org about the financial advantages of using ISO standards.   .... read more

Spotlight on Self-Assessment
Have you used any of our self-assessment tools lately? We have over 50 to assess all aspects of your organisation from how your organisation develops its strategy to how it serves its customers. Here are three typical examples:
  • Social Entrepreneurship (Not-for-profit) – This assessment tool can help you to guide a group discussion about your organisation's social entrepreneurship. ....read more (go to category 1.1)

  • Understanding of Internal and External Business Environment – This assessment tool, through considering your internal and external business environment, will help you to gauge the effectiveness of your strategic planning procedures. ....read more (go to category 3.1)

  • Knowledge Management This self-assessment tool allows organisations to assess their strengths and weaknesses in knowledge management. ....read more (go to category 5.3)

Featured Publications
Did you know BPIR provides full access to over 600 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports? Here are a few of the titles from the "Management" category (one of 23 categories): 
- Area Development Site and Facility Planning
- Journal of Business
- Financial Executive
- The Journal for Quality and Participation
Industry Week
- MIT Sloan Management Review

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Best Practice Case Studies
Read one of our best practice case studies:

Web site provides education and guidance to leaders
To provide education and guidance to leaders the Governance & Accountability Institute Inc., a US research, news and trend monitoring organisation, sponsored a website called accountability-central.com, organised around three major categories: environmental and energy issues, social issues and concerns, and corporate governance. Each category housed specific topics, or channels, detailed in the main menu and consistently appeared on the left side of the home and main pages. The site also featured commentators and bloggers sections and a news and information dashboard. The site brought together resources from a large number of original sources, very difficult for an individual user to gather. accountability-central.com was named one of 2012`s websites of the month by the CPA Journal.... read more

Employee Development in an integrated health system
The Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), a US integrated health system, instituted a number of programmes to enhance employee development. To develop leadership and management skills the HFHS set up an Administrative Fellowship in which new Master of Health Administration graduates worked with a senior leadership-level preceptor for 12-months. Fellows acquired institutional knowledge; created and implemented solutions to operational, strategic, and community-based challenges; etc. The HFHS Leadership Academy was another year-long programme in which each participant was assigned a mentor, completed an in-class curriculum intended to enhance leadership skills, and presented a group project to senior leaders. Additionally, the HFHS University offered employees face-to-face and online classes ranging from electronic medical record training to project management. These initiatives provided employees with the tools to address organisational needs, and aligned human capital investments with HFHS`s strategic goals.... read more

IT Management - digital migration improves services
Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the largest public hospitals in the United States, was losing money and technology investments were out of the question. Clinicians were overwhelmed by work loads and underserved with IT support. Multiple computer system along with paper records were required to achieve full reporting on patients. Grady became a non-profit corporation hospital, raised funds and began an 18-month journey to deploy new clinical and financial systems. New IT staff were hired, and a group of physician leaders were appointed to champion the digital migration.
100 percent Computerised Physician Order Entry (CPOE) was achieved and significant financial management benefits were achieved. Grad y has been able to take a leadership role in population health. IT has earned its place as a trusted business partner to drive change, and has become one of the leading support services within in the hospital
.... read more

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