BPIR Newsletter: September 2015

Welcome to September’s edition of the BPIR Newsletter. sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events.

Best Practice Events

  • Benchmarking for Excellence, Singapore 28 – 29 Sept.
  • Leaders for Excellence, Dubai – UAE, 28 – 29 Sept., Organiser: Dubai Quality Group (DQG).
  • Driving to Perfection Workshop, Auckland – New Zealand, 16 Oct., Organiser: RiteTrack.
  • 18th QMOD-KSQM Int. Joint Conference, Seoul – Korea, 12 – 14 Oct., Organiser: Lunds University, Sweden and KSQM, Korea.
  • 7th Business Excellence Global Conference, Singapore, 13 -14 Oct., Organiser: SPRING.
  • Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fair 2015, Ottawa – Canada, 17 Nov., Organiser: Excellence Canada.


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4th International Best Practice Competition – Enter by 25 September

The 4th International Best Practice Competition will be held in Manila, Philippines, 26/27th November 2015, courtesy of the Development Academy of the Philippines and our sponsors the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce (who were the hosts in 2014). If you have not been to the Philippines before this is your chance for a once in a life-time experience to enjoy the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Watch it is More Fun in the Philippines video to get an insight into this wonderful country.
To submit your Best Practice please visit http://www.bestpracticecompetition.com/entry-form where you can download an entry form. The call for entries closes on 25 September. Last year there were 52 entries with 32 qualifying to the Competition Event. The winner of the International Best Practice Competition in 2014 was Al Jazeera International Catering LLC, UAE with a best practice titled ‘SPEARS Methodology for Employee Empowerment and Inculcating Excellence‘.

4th Global Benchmarking Award – 1st call for entries

The Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) launched the Global Benchmarking Award in 2012 to recognise those organisations that had integrated benchmarking into their organisation’s strategy and processes in order to continuously learn and innovate.
The winners have been Watson Real Estate (New Zealand) in 2012, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (United Arab Emirates) in 2013 and OCBC Bank (Singapore) in 2014. For videos on these award winning organisations go to  http://www.globalbenchmarkingaward.com/past-winners

The 4th Global Benchmarking Award will be held at the 9th International Benchmarking Conference, 6/7th December 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The closing date for entries is the 25th of September 2015, for more information about the award visit the official award website.

BPIR Tip of the Month – Expert Opinion

What you can do here? This growing collection stems, partly, from our monthly request specific Research services and represents valuable learning on a broad and growing range of subjects all of which are relevant to the implementation of particular tools, techniques, or approaches to management or improvement.

Articles and reports are hand-picked to help ensure that valuable insights and learning can be transferred.

Click here to see a video clip on how to do it.

Featured Publications

BPIR provides full access to over 170 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports. The cost of subscribing to any of these would cover your BPIR membership while allowing you to read, search, and print from 790 top publications! Here are a few of the titles from the “Health / Hospitals / Medicine” category (one of 23 categories):
– Health Progress
– Healthcare Executive
– Community Practitioner
– Health Management Technology
– Canadian Journal of Public Health
– American Journal of Law and Medicine

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence  pays off for manufacturer

The foundation for success at Milliken & Company, a US manufacturer, was built on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. Milliken began to assess itself internally using Baldrige standards until the Baldrige Criteria became completely ingrained in the way employees thought and the way they worked. Internal Baldrige competitions with five different categories were set up with businesses and support areas competing. The application process used was exactly the same as the Baldrige process, with trained judges and site visits throughout the company. Adoption of the Baldrige criteria also led to global study missions for industry best practices. The company won the Baldrige Award in 1989 and got so much out of it that it applied and eventually won the European quality award, the Canadian quality prize, and the British quality award.

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