Our partners are listed below. These are organisations we have formal agreements with who are our suppliers, partner-consultants that promote and support the in their country, and partner bodies who can offer discounted or free access to the to their members or qualifying companies.We also have many supporters of the who we work with from time to time for mutual benefit.

Abu Dhabi Chamber

The chamber’s mission is to Contribute towards developing and organizing the commercial and trade activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, increasing the competitiveness capabilities of the companies of the private sector and expanding their opportunities through providing high world-class services which would contribute to realizing a sustainable development in the emirate

Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence (ADICOE)

The Abu Dhabi International Centre for Organisational Excellence (ADICOE) is a semi-government entity, operating as a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), specialized in Total Quality Management and Business Excellence. ADICOE offers unique services in Training and Consultancy all aimed at achieving personal and organisational aims and objectives pertaining to enhance performance and results focused approaches.

BestPrax Club

The BestPrax Club was established in 2007, by Suresh Lulla. BestPrax is the Indian member of the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN). The mission of BestPrax Club is to enable member organizations to accelerate achievement of Performance Excellence.

Business Excellence Australia

Business Excellence Australia (BEA) is dedicated to promoting excellence and sustainable improvement. BEA supports businesses, government bodies and the community services sector to embed proven international excellence concepts into their organisations. We believe that by using excellence concepts, organisations will increase their competitiveness and contribute to Australia’s innovation and productivity.

Business Excellence Chile

Business Excellence Chile is a consulting and advisory organisation specializing in management consulting (adoption of the Business Excellence Frameworks, such as Baldrige, EFQM, ABEF, CAF, Chile, etc) and Strategic Management (design, development, strategic support and use of Balanced Scorecard) dedicated to generate sustainable value in time for the customers. Based in Chile since 2009.

Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (NZ)

The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (NZ) provides research, consultancy, and training in business excellence and benchmarking. COER are founders of TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking, International Best Practice Competition and the

Dubai Government Excellence Program

The is the Dubai Government Excellence Program’s (DGEP) Best Practice Resource for the “Dubai We Learn” initiative. membership is given to project teams participating in the Excellence Makers program..

Dubai Quality Group

The Dubai Quality Group (DQG) was set up as a non profit business organisation by the Department of Economic Development. The Group offers many programmes throughout the year with the objective of improving Quality and Service among its member organizations. DQG vision is to be the leading quality, excellence and innovation partner in the MENA Region, creating the future.


Acknowledged by leaders as a key partner to success, EFQM is an organisation that is known for being curious and excited. As different organisations battle with change and transformation on different fronts, we understand what is important, helping them to articulate a clearly understood purpose and nurture a valuable and rewarding culture..

Global Benchmarking Network

Global Benchmarking Network consists of organisations that are the lead providers of benchmarking services in their country, with over 25 countries represented. Dr Robert Camp, the founder of modern day benchmarking, is the life-time honorary President and Dr Robin Mann is the Chairman.

Harrington Management systems

Harrington Management Systems is an international consulting firm providing a full range of services to its clients, including Training, Certification and Management, Technology, Education and Knowledge solutions. We have a reputation for creative thinking, outstanding professional staff and providing superb services to our clients.

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF)

Established in 1992, the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation (NZBEF) was founded by public and private enterprise to improve the overall performance of New Zealand organisations. The Foundation is a membership-based not-for-profit incorporated society committed to supporting New Zealand businesses improve bottom line results along with improved customer relationships, increased productivity and an engaged workforce. We work in all sectors including business, education, health, manufacturing and local and central governments.

Organizational Excellence Specialists (OES)


Organizational Excellence Specialists (OES) is an organization, comprised of seasoned quality consulting professionals who are launching a comprehensive program for organizations. The core program is based on a review of key organizational excellence frameworks throughout the world that have identified best management practices and demonstrated the positive relationship between these practices and organizational performance.

Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA)

Over the past 15 years, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) has contributed to developing the performance of companies and establishments operating in the UAE and to increasing their productivity and profitability.

Thingwall Communications

Proudly partnering with since 2007, Thingwall Communications is a bespoke language communications group based in Canada. The group provides a number of language services designed to help you and your organisation stand out from the crowd. Working directly with you, we shape written texts to make sure your message comes out loud and clear. We offer almost every English-language writing service you could want – from ghostwriting to editing, coaching to proofreading, and shaping to rewrites. We specialise in working with non-native English speakers to ensure absolute clarity and precision in written texts.