Business Excellence Chile specialise in business excellence, benchmarking and strategic management consultancy, They are a member of the Global Benchmarking Network and BPIR’s partner in Chile. Their first English newsletter is published below. It includes an interview with Orlando Olivera the General Secretary of the National Quality Award.
Business Excellence Chile
Business Excellence Chile Newsletter, October 2011
About Business Excellence Chile

Business Excellence Chile supports all types of organizations in the systematic search of excellence. We developed a robust methodology based on the use of Business Excellence Frameworks (Baldrige, EFQM, CAF, Chilean, etc), Strategic Management (design, development, strategic support and use of the Balanced Scorecard) and Benchmarking (using the TRADE methodology from Dr. Robin Mann) dedicated to generate sustainable value over the time to our customers. 
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National Quality Award Ceremony
On Monday June 20 at the "Bellas Artes" Museum, was presented the National Quality Award 2010 to the three organizations that this time, obtained this valuable prize that is given to the organizations that get a great performance in quality management and excellent services in Chile.

Among the winners there is the Municipality of Providencia in the category "Public Organizations", Correos de Chile as "Best Large Company" and Wilug Ltd. under the category "SMEs". Continue reading … 

Exclusive Interview to Orlando Olivera, General Secretary of the National Quality Award

Nowadays Business Excellence Frameworks are a worldwide recognized tool for its wide applicability in various organizations, gaining significant international validation.

There is agreement in all sectors that they contribute strongly to improving the competitiveness of countries; that have a formulation that allows an organization to be viewed systemically; that have an improvement methodology; and that contribute to the growth of countries.

According to the opinion of the General Secretary of the National Quality Award, Orlando Olivera, "Therefore what we need is that universities, research centers, consultants, companies, business and trade associations start to collaborate on the dissemination of the principles of business excellence".

So we see that what we have today is a very important valuation of these instruments capable to look integrally and systemically to organizations and guide them to excellence. See full interview…

V International Seminar: "Search for Excellence in Local Governments"

During August 29th and 30th, it took place the fifth version of the seminar: "Search for Excellence in Local Governments" organized by the Municipality of Providencia. The purpose was to generate a forum for reflection about the challenges of improving municipal management, with special emphasis on Business Excellence Frameworks and their application in national and international governments in order to adequately meet the specific local demands from neighbors and users of the municipalities from Chile.

In this opportunity was attended by leading international professionals such as Dra Miflora Gatchalian and Drs Robin Mann and Yasir Alnaqbi, among others, who shared their experiences in implementing practices of excellence in their respective countries.
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Newsletter nº 1

This newsletter aims to give the latest trends in business excellence, benchmarking and strategic management in Chile. As well as to keep informed all of our stakeholders who want to improve their organization's performance through modern management tools.


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