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What is the BPIR?
With thousands of benchmarks, best practices, tools, networking and more the BPIR is the complete resource for improvement and business excellence.

Don't reinvent the wheel

The BPIR is built around a primary goal - Don't reinvent the wheel. With such a wealth of information available to members you don't have to start from scratch. For any given process there are performance measures, benchmarks, best practices, self-assessment tools, expert opinions, articles, case studies and more available to guide you through any improvement project. Plus, if you want further information, new contacts, benchmarking partners or assistance then Network with 1000's of other members - read their profiles, the improvement tools they use, their best practices and contact them.

And if you need assistance our dedicated staff are only an email away to help you find the resources you need. 


Resources include:

  • Benchmarks, 100's
  • Best practices, 1000's
  • Performance measures, 1200+
  • Self-assessment tools, 85+
  • Business improvement tools, 1100+
  • Competitor analysis cases, 2400+
  • Award winners for benchmarking, 14,800+
  • Business website reviews, 200+
  • Business periodicals/journals, 270+
  • Business periodical articles, 1,000,000+
  • Research request service
  • Blog - latest news
  • Events calendar
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Bi-monthly best practice report
  • Need it? It's here. 
    When we say we're the #1 business improvement resource on the internet, we're not exaggerating. With over one million periodicals and tens of thousands of articles, tools and other resources we are the ultimate destination for improvement material. Most content items are linked to real world case and research studies designed to make understanding easy. In the rare event that we don't have the information, let us know through our Research Request Service and we will task out researchers with finding the information and add it to the website.
  • Keeping you informed
    As a member you will always be informed of the latest news and best practices via our blog, calendar of events and bi-monthly e-newsletter and Best Practice Management Briefs on topics ranging from Customer Focus to Six Sigma to Employee Motivation. The briefs are one of our most appreciated services – enabling you to share these reports as PDF files with your management team and staff to learn of the latest best practices.
  • Search that suits you
    All our resources are arranged in a variety of ways to suit your situation. You can search via business excellence models, browse by process areas, or search by keywords. Regardless of how you work the information is accessible in many different ways.
  • Linked to leading models
    Much of our information is categorised under the criteria of well known business excellence models such as the Baldrige, EFQM, Canadian and Singaporean Business Excellence Models. Simply select your favourite model, go to a specific area of interest and find benchmarks and best practices. Easy!
  • Full access to over 650 periodicals
    Subscriptions to all the periodicals we offer would cost tens of thousands of dollars, but a BPIR membership gives you complete access to current and past versions of the business worlds leading journals and periodicals. Keep up to date with new developments, read your favourite publications and access an incredible research resource.
  • Input for experts 
    Our resources are sourced from a variety of acknowledged centers of expertise so you can be assured of quality and relevance. In addition, to our own research centre; the Center for Organisational Excellence Research we work with reputable research centres/institutions from all around the world.
  • Information from around the world
    Span geographic and linguistic boundaries when studying the practices of others – we have hundreds of case studies from award winning organisations in more than 40 countries.


Networking includes:

  • Personal profile
  • Organisation profile
  • Private messages
  • Requests for assistance
  • Networking search
  • Best Practice awards
  • Discussion forums
  • Improvement tool recording
  • Best practice sharing
  • Internal KM capability
  • Full privacy control
  • Share, collaborate, grow 
    Membership gives you access to our exclusive business professionals network, connecting you with over 8,000 organisations from around the world. Find other people that are in your industry, use the same quality tools or fit one of our many criteria and collaborate with them, share best practices and expertise, participate in discussions and much more.
  • Find benchmarking partners
    Imagine having a global resource of people to join you in your benchmarking or quality project, answer questions and forge partnerships with. Our network gives you this. Every day organisations partner with others to improve their performance and share benchmarks, best practices and expertise that can't be found elsewhere. Others form business partnerships and alliances that revolutionise industries
  • Internal knowledge management resource
    Use the BPIR as your organisation’s knowledge management hub – collate and share best practices between departments and across your organisation’s sites worldwide. No need to spend thousands designing your own system – the BPIR will do it all for you.
  • Create and manage projects
    Through a 'Request for Assistance‘ you can create and advertise projects/tasks you are seeking assistance with. Other professionals can offer their expertise to help, and you can select suitable participants and collaborate with them through our easy to use management system. Share conversations, images, files and more - it's project management made easy.
  • Personal and organisational profiles
    Create and control your own presence in the network. Add your experience, education, interests, describe best practices within your organisation (including results achieved, photos and videos). Your organisational profile allows you to showcase your brand and company activities and connect with others in your industry sector.
  • Full privacy control
    You're in control of everything in your profile - set visibility of the various blocks to publicly visible, visible only to your contacts, or limited to members of your organisation. This complete control allows you to use the network as it suits you; share as much or as little as you like.

I hope we have convinced you of the benefits of joining the BPIR community as an organisation or as an individual. Find the right Membership Plan for you.

Finally, you can take a peek at some of our content from clicking on the following links:

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