In the Asia-Pacific region the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) is working hard to help countries introduce and sustain business excellence. Business excellence is recognised as a prime contributor to productivity growth through its holistic approach that links Inputs (such as Leadership, Strategy, Customer Focus, Workforce Focus, Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Operations) to Outputs (Results). It is perhaps the ultimate productivity framework as it encompasses everything an organisation and country should consider to achieve advances in social, political, economic and environmental performance.

Dr Robin Mann, Head of COER, was the Chief Expert for an APO project to develop a guidebook to help national productivity organisations (NPOs) aiming to introduce or enhance their business excellence initiatives for the public sector. This guidebook was developed through workshops organised by the Asian Productivity Organization’s (APO) Centre for Excellence for business excellence.


This guidebook aims to assist NPOs that are:

  • Considering whether to introduce a business excellence model or award for the first time in the public sector
  • Seeking to enhance an established business excellence model and/or award for the public sector

The guidebook begins with an exploration of the importance of business excellence awards and models through a series of questions and answers. This is followed by a summary of the views of NPOs on business excellence. Thereafter, information is presented on how to promote business excellence, assist organizations in using a business excellence approach, and recognize organizations through an awards process.
The last section provides examples of how NPO member economies are implementing business excellence in the public sector.

The full guidebook can be downloaded from COER’s website here.

APO Guidebook pic

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