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Read some real life case studies and testimonials of how our members are benefiting from the BPIR.com.

Case Studies - Making the most of BPIR membership

The following case studies show how members of BPIR.com are taking advantage of its tools, techniques, knowledge and solutions to gain a competitive edge in their area of business.


The following are testimonials from some of our members:  

  • Margaret May, Assistant Director,
    Vision Manawatu

    "The BPIR.com is a tremendous tool for innovative and high growth companies. To have access to world class information is a real challenge to SMEs and the BPIR site provides comprehensive data for benchmarking critical aspects of business development."

  • Michael Voss - Senior Consultant,
    PYXIS Consulting

    "Over a very short period of time the BPIR site has grown to become my first port of call for business excellence and benchmarking data and for searching for that new idea to solve a particular problem. I thoroughly recommend this site to anyone who is serious about improving the performance of their organisation." 

  • Heather Mayall, Director
    Heather Mayall Associates

    "It gives confidence that solutions are available, and widens my thinking to explore more opportunities to improve performance"

  • John Dotchin, Director of Research
    ReSURV Ltd

    "The briefings are excellent, pitched at the right level an still full of valuable background information. They have sparked ideas in our organisation"

  • Ron Chapman, Principal
    Ron Chapman Associates

    "BPIR is unique in its in-depth understanding and rapidly growing resource database of contemporary Business Excellence organisational improvement material. This makes it extremely valuable to me as I develop improvement strategies and tools for organisations I work with. I am only confident in establishing improvement strategies when I know I have based them on the best knowledge, case studies and information available around the world. BPIR gives me – and the people I work with - that confidence and as such is indispensable in rapid continual improvement projects"

  • Marco Fugazzola, Managing Director
    Event Communication

    "Have briefly seen the website. First time user. Seems valuable and interesting. Will explore further"

  • Luther Diedericks - Manager in the Shared Services Center
    City of Cape Town

    "The vision of the City  is inter alia " a prosperous city known for it's ability to compete in the world of the 21 st century and it's commitment to the challenges facing South Africa , the Southern African Development Region and the African continent " We are not only a member but also a marketing partner in view of our belief in the contribution the BPIR make in fulfilling our vision. This latest development of their website is not only an indication of their dedication to development but proof to them rendering a value adding service to their members".

  • Raiyo Nariman, Director - Engineering Management Programme,
    University of Canterbury

    "The mission of the Engineering Management Programme (through its Masters degree) is to "produce graduates who will lead the next generation of New Zealand's industry".  The Masters degree is practical in content and is taught from the perspective of a business manager.  Rather than only using professional academic lecturers, extensive use is made of presenters from industry and practice to expose the students to the real-world. With this in mind, BPIR.com is an excellent resource for our students.

    Aside from the process improvement and business excellence information, the access to an articles database is particularly helpful, with respect to obtaining background for their reports and papers (assessment) - often produced to address particular (real-world) issues facing some of our industry sponsors."

  • David Eyre, Operations Director,
    London Excellence, UK

    "To achieve excellence requires knowledge.  We have found the BPIR web site an important part of our knowledge base.  The vast amount of data that it contains from across the world, gives it the edge over other sources.  In house we use it as our first reference point when we have to prepare presentations, workshops and proposals, or just simply need more information on a topic.  The only problem is that it is too easy to get involved in reading material on related topics, but that is because the BPIR contains so much.  We recommend it to our own members to assist them with achieving their own excellence."

  • David Andrews - Quality Co-ordinator,
    Hamilton City Council

    "The BPIR.com is an excellent resource for process improvement and business excellence information.  It's a real time saver to have all this information available in one place.  I've found the articles database particularly helpful to provide background for reports and papers"

  • Neil Bleasdale - Senior Business Excellence Advisor,
    Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

    "Sitting at the improvement centre of a complex and busy organisation, I frequently receive requests for advice, guidance or directions on a multitude of topics.   Obviously, I don't know everything, nor do I keep a comprehensive file of reference material in my brain.  To find the answers, I have found that more and more, I am going to www.BPIR.com as my first port of call.   The site is vast, has many links and is easy to navigate around.   In fact, the site is so good, unless I maintain self-discipline, I easily wander off onto interesting tangents.  Due to efficiency gains that can be traced back to the BPIR, it is accurate to state that it has paid for itself many times over"

  •  Julie Hutton - Group Quality Manager,
    Careers Management, VT Group

    "We really like the way we can focus the resource down to the smallest criteria of the EFQM model as we have a strong focus on self-assessment using the model within our organisation. Once we have identified our areas for improvement we use the BPIR to help find ways to improve in these areas using the case study and activity materials"

  •  Wayne Devine - Senior Land Adviser,
    NZ Department of Conservation

    "It's hard to find time to get in but when I do I like to absorb as much as I can. A great service!"
    "It's a great way to keep in touch with the latest management literature (a broad range of opinion and useful guidance) you would not otherwise have time to look for yourself, and would probably never come across anyhow, and its usefully divided into different areas of management interest. BPIR is the only resource I'm currently using".

  • Stuart Allan - Moderator of
    Gainclub.com, UK

    "As Moderator of Gainclub.com, I get to see all the 'traffic' on our site. There is a lot of interest in www.BPIR.com from managers in organisations from Private and Public sector.

    Also, from talking to other members of Gainclub.com, I know that the site has proved to be very valuable and useful in providing evidence of Best Practice supported by benchmarking data. Some have commented that www.BPIR.com is proving to be among the best benchmarking sources available to them as the range and depth of information is superior to most others."

  • Lawrence Rosie,
    Common Agricultural Policy Management, UK

    "Here in Rural Affairs we are constantly looking at ways to become more effective at the work we do. The BPIR.com has proven to be a really useful resource. It has helped us to learn more about how to improve our operations and through its newsletter keeps us to date with the latest management thinking".

  • Chris Symonds, Principal Advisor / Researcher,
    Proactive Marketing Services Limited

    "Supplying advisory services and research facilities to different industrial groupings is challenging and can be expensive, particularly as many have unique characteristics, are dynamic and constantly evolving. There is therefore a need to be knowledgeable about the many factors that make up a myriad of markets, and perhaps more particularly a need to measure and quantify actual performance and business excellence. I have found the BPIR site to be a very smart and economic resource for researching and locating material on performance improvement methodologies and business processes."

  •  Bryan Wenmoth, Executive Director,
    New Zealand Organisation for Quality

    "In today's business environment an incessant flood of new ideas drives the constant need to change, creating unrelenting pressure on organisations to continuously reinvent themselves. Only the agile will prosper and grow as rapidly evolving customer expectations and market place innovation turn today's brilliant business solutions into tomorrow's common practices.

    To remain ahead of the pack, organisations need to be permanently plugged in to the best knowledge resources. Universities have long been amongst the best sources of new and innovative knowledge.

    Now the Massey University Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) has harnessed the tools of the information age to provide an unparalleled knowledge resource for business professionals and organisations seeking to meet world-class performance standards. This service is provided by the Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Resource (BPIR). The BPIR is an on-line resource providing an immense up-to-date knowledge bank of quality management and business improvement."

  • Ian Smith,
    Amey plc

    "BPIR is an easy to access and navigate resource providing a gateway to a wealth of business improvement knowledge and experience".

  • Steve Pratt,
    British Gas

    "I can honestly say that BPIR was very interesting and informative and potentially of immense benefit to organisations in this country".

  • Gary Rossel,
    Lucent Technologies

    "I can see immediate uses of the BPIR tool well beyond the scope of business improvement'

  • Ray Harrold,
    Ecclesiastical Insurance Group.

    What I took away with me was the belief that here was a tool that would help build on our quality management system and drive forward business improvement across the whole of the organisation".

  • Bill Trewick,
    KMI Water

    "The introduction and demonstration session was excellent, BPIR.com is an excellent Business Improvement Resource database, available on-line, accessible at a very reasonable cost, "has to be seen to be believed" and the best way to see it initially is to attend a demonstration session."

  • Graham Bell,
    Computer Associates

    "I was impressed by what I saw of the BPIR yesterday. The overall model for benchmarking and process improvement was interesting but it was the tools that are available within the BPIR website I liked most. The website is very well thought out, implemented and populated with data and is sure to be very useful to anyone researching improvement methods and ideas. The BPIR brings together a huge amount of information in one place and would save anyone in the field a lot of time trying to locate in any other way, if it was even possible to find at all".

  • Steve Hancock,
    Tokyo Electron Europe

    "Looks good. The "Best Practice Model Databases"  & subsequent information that is linked to the models (one of which is the Excellence Model) looks potentially very useful". 

  • Paul Brandist,
    Kingston Communications

    "This looks good - loads of useful stuff".

  • Iain McIvor,

    "It's excellent. Just had a swift run through but has information I'd like to spend longer on, and very well displayed".

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