From 1989-1992, Xerox's US Sales and Marketing Group (now called US Customer Operations-USCO) saved more than $200 million when it applied COQ principles. Under the COQ programs, teams were formed to benchmark other organisations and other Xerox operations to determine best practices and assess the size of problem(s), performing a six-step process. The Xerox COQ program flourished in the quality culture and corporate value system that Xerox provided. Sustaining a COQ program takes a great deal o...

BPIR Categories

14.3.3 Implement an org-wide continuous improvemnt program
14.2.2 Benchmark performance measures with noncompetitors
14.1.1 Design & deploy performance measurement system
8.2.2 Create an environment for empowerment/innovation
6.4.1 Improve process/service performance

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