DBS Bank was the recipient of Global Finance’s World’s Best Bank 2020 Award. It won for its readiness to implement and assume digital banking services during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also secured the Safest Bank in Asia award for the 12th consecutive year. The bank initiated its digital strategy in 2009 to radically rewire digital innovation. The first phase of the digital transformation strategy was completed in 2014. After that, DBS initiated its second digital push in 2015 to address thr...

BPIR Categories

1.2.3 Identify new innovations that meet customer needs
1.3.2 Determine & provide customer contact mechanisms
2.1.4 Assess new technology innovations
3.2.3 Develop&integrate technology/innovation into concept
9.3.3 Recruit, select & hire employees
10.1.1 Derive info/KM requiremts from business strategies
10.4.5 Manage external information & knowledge sharing
14.3.5 Reengineer business processes & systems
14.3.7 Manage transition to change
15.6.2 Strategy development & deployment
15.6.13 Innovation, technology & flexibility

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