In 2004/2005, the Pewaukee School District (PSD), a US school district, only managed to appraise 78% of employees on time. PSD set a goal of having 1005 completed on time and achieved a dramatic improvement against the goal. By 2007/2008 the rate completed had risen to 91.7%, in 2008/2009 it reached 99.6%. In 2009/2010 the rate fell back to 81.1%. In the years 2010/2011. 2011/2012, and 2012/2013, PSD achieved its goal of 100% of appraisals being completed on time. In 2013 PSD won the Malcolm Bal...

BPIR Categories

15.4.2 Employee development & training
15.4.4 Employee performance management/recognition
15.4.7 Employee efficiency/productivity performance

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