The case study focuses on the strategic workforce planning for the rail infrastructure manager of the Netherlands, ProRail. The Netherlands ranks sixth in the world for its quality of railroad infrastructure. Also, daily, the Dutch Railway system processes 1.3 million passengers and more than a million tons of cargo. In the coming 10 years, the daily number of trains will need to grow 30% to enable train operators to deliver on the growing demand. It would require a multi-billion Euro investment...

BPIR Categories

15.6.2 Strategy development & deployment
9 Develop and manage human resources
9.1 Create and manage human resource strategies
9.1.1 Identify strategic demands on human resources
9.1.3 Develop human resource strategy
9.10 Assessing the impact of HR processes
9.10.1 Retain human capital
9.2.1 Analyse, design, or redesign work
9.3.1 Plan & forecast workforce requirements
9.3.6 Restructure & rightsize workforce
9.4 Develop and train employees
9.4.1 Align employee & organisation development needs
9.4.2 Develop education and training programs.
9.4.5 Develop functional/process competencies

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