In 2018, the University of California (UC) celebrated its 150th anniversary. In 2017, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) started an organisational optimisation effort. As part of this, it developed and implemented a workforce plan strategy and framework to ensure that processes and procedures aligned with staff skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet the University’s existing and future needs. Consequently, it identified seven strategic goals (see p. 10). The 131-p...

BPIR Categories

2.5.2 Develop & set organisational goals
2.5.3 Develop and deploy action plans & projects
2.5.4 Identify and manage risks
9.1.1 Identify strategic demands on human resources
9.1.3 Develop human resource strategy
9.2.3 Define work competencies
9.3.3 Recruit, select & hire employees
9.3.7 Manage employee retirement

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