Popularity of Change Management Models

There are many change management models, frameworks, and tools. So, which are the most popular?

A Google Trends analysis of the popularity of 13 change management models was conducted on October 22, 2023. This provided a proxy measure of the public’s general interest in – and awareness of – these approaches over the previous year. N.B., the analysis only includes the results of “Business & Industrial” searches due to their relevance to the research topic.

Best Practice Report: Cybersecurity Management

Over the past decade, the risk and severity of cyberattacks have steadily grown. The world has seen devastating cases of cybercrimes, including unprecedented breaches of data, microchip flaws and cryptojacking, which is an emerging online threat in which criminals “mine” for cryptocurrencies using the victim’s own computer.

These attacks have left hundreds of millions of users vulnerable to hackers, who gain access to credit cards, bank account numbers and passwords.

After years of heavy investment and disappointing results, it is high time for business and security leaders to tackle the multi-faceted, insidious nature of the cybersecurity challenge collaboratively.