The Role of Business Excellence Models in Organisation-Wide Change Management

Whilst there are change management models (such as the ADKAR Model and Lewin’s Change Management Model) to help manage change for specific processes and initiatives, there are also business excellence models that assist with organisation-wide change management. These models help organisations to manage change holistically across multiple processes and systems, from leadership to strategy to delivering products and services.

The Application of Change Management Models and Key Learning

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

This quote from W. Edwards Deming emphasises the importance of embracing change, but how do we manage it? Answers to this question are provided via two webinars, which discuss the most popular change management models and explain how to apply them. In addition, key lessons for change management success are provided, based on a review of the change management literature.

Popularity of Change Management Models

There are many change management models, frameworks, and tools. So, which are the most popular?

A Google Trends analysis of the popularity of 13 change management models was conducted on October 22, 2023. This provided a proxy measure of the public’s general interest in – and awareness of – these approaches over the previous year. N.B., the analysis only includes the results of “Business & Industrial” searches due to their relevance to the research topic.