Celebrating 25 years of IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award

To commemorate 25 years of IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award the IMC’s Journal includes articles on the history of the award and the quality movement in general in India. Articles are from Niraj Bajaj the IMC RBNQA Chairman who recalls how he invited Suresh Lulla, who represented the Juran Institute in India, to help in structuring the IMC Quality Improvement & Technology Committee (IMC QITC).

Leadership Insights from the Baldrige Award-Winning City of Germantown

When the City of Germantown (TN) was named a Baldrige Award recipient in 2019, the small suburb of Memphis (just 20 square miles in size) became only the fourth city to earn the prestigious, Presidential award for organizational excellence.
During the Baldrige Program’s 32nd Quest for Excellence® Conference this year, Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton highlighted how his organization uses the Baldrige Excellence Framework to achieve and maintain high performance to serve its community.

Book Launch: The Learning-Driven Business – How to Develop an Organizational Learning Ecosystem

Introducing Dr Alaa Garad’s book “The Learning Driven Business – How to Develop an Organisational Learning Ecosystem” – a great read stressing the importance of individual and organisational learning.  his book provides a significant contribution to organizational learning and business improvement literature. It is simple and easy to read, with many practical examples of how learning can be applied to create an organizational learning culture.

Benchmarking in Supply Chain and Logistics

I was delighted to participate in the 4th European Conference on Industrial Engineering & Operations Management (IEOM) last month. The theme of this cycle was “Road to Resilient Manufacturing and Logistics”. Over the 4 days of the conference, there were more than 90 presentations, 11 competitions, and 6 discussion panels. It was truly an outstanding event!
Below I will share the key points of the presentation with some elaboration on the stages of TRADE Benchmarking methodology.

Want to reinvent how you do salaries in your organisation?

Back in 2017, I wrote a blog about three things to consider when thinking of moving towards self-set salaries. Since then, I’ve continued to gather examples of principles and practices from different organisations that I often share with people by email whenever they ask for resources on this topic. Here is what I have so far and if you know of any other examples, please do share so I can add to the list!