GBN Newsletter December 2022

In the Dec 2022 edition of GBNewsletter read about: 8th International Best Practice Competition, Features & Failures – A Bank Fable, Organizational Excellence in Our Global Goverment & Education Sectors, 2nd International Innovation & Benchmarking Summit

Future of Quality in Higher Education Summit

“Future of Quality in Higher Education Summit” is organized by the Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT) of International Academy of Quality (IAQ), which is a global group of international experts and enthusiasts on Quality in Education. The summit will focus on changing trends in Quality aspects of higher education and sow the seeds to transform education in a rapidly changing world.

Award and Certificates Conferred upon the UAE Winners of the 8th International Best Practice Competition 2022, 4th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, 7th Global Benchmarking Award, and Pioneer in Excellence Prize

During his recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, Dr Robin Mann, Director, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) and Founder of the International Best Practice Competition bestowed upon the UAE-based winners of the 8th International Best Practice Competition 2022, their award plaques and certificates in recognition of their outstanding work.

2022 New Zealand Best Practice Competition Winners Announced

Two joint winners of the 3rd New Zealand Best Practice Competition 2022 were announced on 9 November 2022 by the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and Centre for Organisational Excellence Research. The competition recognizes exceptional best practices across industries, sectors, and functions. The criteria and judging system are aligned to the International Best Practice Competition.

EcoStock Supplies Limited, New Zealand – Winner of the Inaugural Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award 2022: A Case Study in Doing the Right Thing

On 24 August 2022, EcoStock Supplies Ltd, New Zealand (EcoStock) was announced the winner of the 1st Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award 2022 at the 8th International Best Practice Competition 2022 with an impressive 6-Star Rating (Outstanding at an International Level) for its environmental, social, and governance conscientiousness of its business operations

Introducing the Redesigned – Your Destination for Everything Best Practices and Business Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that recently, the Best Practice Improvement Resource ( relaunched its website! With new features tailored to the community of visitors and members, please watch the orientation video here for more details on how the Best Practice Improvement Resource can best help pursue business excellence by exploring and discovering international best practices.

E-learning Programme and App for Corporate Governance Launched

Dr John Bullivant, a founder of the UK Benchmarking Institute and the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and friend of the, will explain in a forthcoming seminar how his new organisation, the Centre for Quality in Governance (CQG “) has utilised many years of experience and its network to create a unique suite of e-learning modules which, whilst targeted at an eclectic international and business market, has particular roots in the NHS throughout the UK and public services in general. Its premise is Governance is critical to designing future delivery systems that are resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Sept Newsletter: Announcing the Award Winners, Featured Best Practices and More! newsletter September 2022, in this issue read about the award winners of the International Beat Practice Competition, Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, the Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, Global Benchmarking Award, and the Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Excellence Award. The newsletter includes featured news, events, best practice video clip, and best practice case studies.

Obeikan Digital Solutions earns 6-Stars as an Outstanding Best Practice in the International Best Practice Competition for 2022

During the annual competition that gathers global best practices, Obeikan Digital Solutions one of Obeikan Investment Group subsidiaries was competing against 62 other best practices and was among the 14 international finalists from various categories. Obeikan Digital Solutions achieved 6-Stars as an outstanding best practice in the International Best Practice Competition for the year 2022, earning 6 stars and marking their place among leading businesses.

South African Quality Institutes latest news

SAQI monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information to keep up with the latest quality issues in South Africa. In this issue read about Process Management, Living Organizations Stay Alive, Using the Corporate Governance Framework, Best Practice: Incorporating Cultural Characteristics into The Excellence Model, and Quality in Schools