Obeikan Digital Solutions earns 6-Stars as an Outstanding Best Practice in the International Best Practice Competition for 2022

During the annual competition that gathers global best practices, Obeikan Digital Solutions one of Obeikan Investment Group subsidiaries was competing against 62 other best practices and was among the 14 international finalists from various categories. Obeikan Digital Solutions achieved 6-Stars as an outstanding best practice in the International Best Practice Competition for the year 2022, earning 6 stars and marking their place among leading businesses.

South African Quality Institutes latest news

SAQI monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information to keep up with the latest quality issues in South Africa. In this issue read about Process Management, Living Organizations Stay Alive, Using the Corporate Governance Framework, Best Practice: Incorporating Cultural Characteristics into The Excellence Model, and Quality in Schools

ESG Reporting Getting it Right! – Conference on 17/18 November 2022

The 2022 New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation’s Quest for Excellence conference is about the redefinition of excellence based on new ESG standards, and the importance of transparency and reporting. It’s about communicating what organisations are doing to build trust, and showing consumers that business practices are leading to a sustainable future. The conference will have input on ESG from world leaders and experts who will talk about the importance of professional auditing and reporting. It will examine models of ESG and explore case studies of local and international deployment.

Congress Adds “Community” as the 7th Category of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards

August 9, 2022, President Biden signed into law the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, which also authorized “Community” becoming the seventh category of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. The bill authorizes communities across the United States to apply for, and receive, the highest-level of recognition for quality and performance excellence using the Baldrige Criteria.

OWIA and GBN 2022 Award Winners

With immense delight, we share the names of the Winners and Runners-Up of the 4th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award 2022, and the 7th Global Benchmarking Award 2022, the Finals of which were held on 04 August 2022. The Pioneer In Excellence Prizes 2022 were also awarded to organisations that had the most best practices assessed at 4-Stars or above, 5-Stars or above, or, 6-Stars or above at the 8th International Best Practice Competition 2022.

BN Valores’ Strategy Execution System Recognised at the International Best Practice Competition

BN Valores qualified for the final of the 8th International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) and in that third round it won 6 stars for its strategy execution practice.
The rigorous competition encourages companies around the world to share their best practices, processes, systems, and operational and management initiatives, and to learn from each other’s experience.

Baldrige award suspended for 2022 whilst work starts to increase its impact

Over the past year, the leadership teams at Baldrige, NIST, and the Department of Commerce have been discussing the current status of the Baldrige Program and whether it is having the desired impact. After much deliberation and consideration of multiple factors, including participation data over the past several years, we have collectively decided to initiate a comprehensive, independent review of the Baldrige Program.

Dubai We Learn 5th Cycle: Highlights from the 1st Knowledge Sharing Summit, 2022

Excellence, cannot be a one-time event. It cannot be a manifestation of fortune either. For it to stand the test of time, excellence requires revolutionary ambitions, commitment, execution, and resilience – every day. It requires one more quality – foresight. And the Dubai We Learn (DWL) initiative is one shining example that never ceases to demonstrate its pursuit of excellence.
The 5th Cycle of DWL on four strategic breakthrough projects: Joined Digital Services, Data Management and Decision-Making, Building Government Capabilities for Future Jobs, and Behavioural Science for Government Effectiveness