Journal of Inspiration Economy (JIE): Volume Two

I am glad to share with you the release of the second issue of Volume Two of our Journal of Inspiration Economy (JIE). JIE has been getting a growing interest from the knowledge community from all over the world and especially with those interested in inspiring the world through dedicated work and scientific research like your good selves.

Collaboration, a Twin Peaks Revival

We think we have a collaborative culture at our business. Ours is a professional environment in which people behave constructively towards one another. We pride ourselves on encouraging a positive workplace atmosphere in which new ideas are welcomed and considered seriously without fear or favour. Of course, no business has a complete absence of ‘politics’, but I would say that ours comes pretty close.

Model for sustainable change

Stakeholders must have an understanding of the change and why it is important. They also need motivation to move in the direction of the change and to embrace the change as necessary for the future of the organization as well as their own future.

Journal of Inspiration Economy – Call for papers

  The Journal of Inspiration Economy is currently accepting manuscripts for publication. We invite scientists, practitioners, researchers and academics all over the world which would discuss and participate in creating a knowledge sharing community relevant to...

Excellence Canada Rap Song “That’s How We Roll!”

 By Adam Stoehr, MBA Expect this song from our friend Adam Stoehr, Vice President – Education, Excellence Canada to become a big hit! Excellence Canada are a partner of I’ve done a bunch of song remixes over the last couple of...

Gross National Happiness

The term Gross National Happiness (GNH) first appeared in 1972 by King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan. He was more concerned with Gross National Happiness than with Gross Domestic Product. Since then, the kingdom of Bhutan, with the support of UN Development Program...