Book Release: Students Quality Circles: An innovative concept and practice for schools and colleges to develop Quality mindset in students for the corporate world and the society

Students Quality Circles or SQCs in short, are basically miniature level activities of what the Japanese Quality Control Circles (QCCs) are in the corporate world. These activities prepare students for the Quality mindset from the very early age, thus engraving their per-sonalities with Quality. SQC is an innovative concept and practice used as a part of schools’ or colleges’ co-curricular activities since mid-nineties in many countries of Asian sub-continent. The objective of SQCs program is to develop and prepare students for the corporate world as well as for a quality living in the society.

The Quality Management Forum

The Quality Management Forum is the quarterly refereed publication of the Quality Management Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The Forum includes articles on quality management as well as information on QMD activities such as the annual conference...

The sixteen golden traits

Recently, I was searching for a specific quote from a past IBM president. In trying to find the quote, I pulled out The Quality/Profit Connection, a book I had written 30 years ago. It included a series of interviews with the CEOs and presidents of 3M, AT&T, Avon, Corning Glass, Ford, General Dynamics, General Motors, HP, IBM, Motorola, and North American Tool and Die. After reviewing these leaders’ comments, I summarized the traits of a successful company, which I called “The Sixteen Golden Traits.”