Effective use of social media

In 2013, the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence started asking questions related to an organization’s use of social media. An emphasis was placed on effective use of social media. In the early days of this criteria change, many users of the Criteria had limited engagement with social media. More recently, every organization is using and must use social media, but not always effectively.

Social Media Assists Small Businesses

Everywhere you look people are writing about social media: newspapers, magazines, bloggers, news channels, books. After reading a few of these articles you will notice the same key theme coming through; if your business is not using social media then you are missing...

Organisational Social Networking

We at BPIR are keeping an eye on the rapid growth of organisational social networking.Recent research has thrown up a variety of ways in which companies are using social networking such as in recruitment, buyer/vendor networking, wiki sites, communities of practice,...

Benchmarking and Social Networking

Hello all I thought I would share with you our next phase of development for the BPIR.com and hopefully get some feedback from you. Currently the BPIR.com is an information resource. It contains one of the largest collections of best practices, benchmarks,...