The is part of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) group.  In this blog we provide information on COER and its activities past and present.

At the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER) we hope to build on our success in 2013 (read COER’s 2013 report) and already have many exciting events and projects planned.

The Report outlines COER’s work in:

1.         Publications

2.         Research

3.         Doctorate Students

4.         Journals

5.         Workshops

6.         Conferences

7.         Best Practice Studies

8.         Consultancy

9.         On-line Resources

10.        Partners

11.        Global Benchmarking Network

For 2014 dates will be announced soon for:

  • 3rd International Best Practice Competition (location to be announced).
  • Global Benchmarking Network’s International Benchmarking Conference, Florida, United States (probably early December).

Forthcoming COER events are:

Benchmarking for Excellence Workshop, 13/14 March 2014, Singapore

Benchmarking for Excellence Workshop, 15/16 April 2014, Subang, Malaysia

Benchmarking for Excellence Workshop, 13/14 May 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand

Tentative dates have also been set for 2-5 June, Mumbai, India and 26/27 March, Dubai, UAE.


Is your organization the best it can be? Become trained in the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking methodology to enable you to identify, implement and master best practices. At the workshop participants start a benchmarking project in an area of importance to their organisation. Projects typically aim to achieve breakthrough improvements in productivity, employee morale, customer satisfaction, cycle time and innovation.   Participants are certified at Level 1 – Trained in Benchmarking. Register for a Workshop.


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Other events to take note of in 2014:

I hope we can be of assistance and/or work together in 2014!!

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