This article has been provided by Dawn Ringrose, Organizational Excellence Specialists, OETC and GBN, Canada

Dawn had the unique honour to author a Chapter on Organizational Excellence for the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-31816-5_16-1). The Editor in Chief was Ali Farazmand, the publisher was Springer International Publishing Switzerland and the encyclopedia was published in 2016.The Chapter:

  • answers the question “What is Organizational Excellence?”
  • shares key research findings that validate the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and improving organizational performance
  • lists the key benefits of implementing an excellence model
  • identifies a gap in the literature that was addressed by the Organizational Excellence Framework publication
  • describes the key steps to follow when implementing an excellence model
  • concludes with the challenge that remains, to increase awareness about excellence models and describes research that is being undertaken to address this challenge, the ‘first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence’ (Organizational Excellence Technical Committee, QMD, ASQ)

About the author:
Dawn Ringrose MBA, FCMC is Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists and Author of the Organizational Excellence Framework and related toolkit. Her qualifications include: Certified Organizational Excellence Specialist (OES, 2011), Certified Excellence Professional (NQI, 2004), Registered ISO 9000 Specialist (ICMCC, 1996), Assessor of Quality Systems (IQA IRCA, 1996). She has worked in the area of organizational excellence since 1990 and is currently the representative for Canada on the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee (QMD, ASQ) and Global Benchmarking Network.
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