The Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER),’s sister organisation, recently published its latest newsletter for August 2017.
Download a copy of COER’s August 2017 Newsletter here.
The contents of the newsletter are described below:

  • Learn from the Winners of the 5th International Best Practice Competition
  • Learn from the Winners of the 1st Organisation-Wide Innovation Award
  • Launch of the 2nd Cycle of “Dubai We Learn” Government Projects, April 2017
  • 1st Progress Sharing Day of “Dubai We Learn”, June 2017
  • Benchmarking Certification (7-Star Recognition System)
  • TRADE Benchmarking Training for Best Practices and Innovation
  • COER assists the APO with its Business Excellence Initiatives
  • Selection of Recent Academic Publications on Business Excellence
  • PhD Research to start on the use of Business Excellence Worldwide
  • PhD Research Opportunities
  • – Sharing Best Practices
  • ASQ’s Quality Management Forum Publication on Organisational Excellence
  • Book Review: Deep in Crisis, The Uncertain Future of the Quality Profession
  • COER’s Partner Activities/Articles of Interest

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