Learn how to sustain success, New South Wales - Australia
Thursday, 02/07/19 07:00 - 09:00
ISO 9004 “Quality of an organization — Guidance to achieve sustained success” has undergone a detailed revision with expert participation from Standards Australia.

It includes a “Generic model for self-assessment elements and criteria related to 5 maturity levels from Base Level to Best Practice”. It builds upon many other ISO standards and guidelines, and Australian and international Business, Supplier and Operational Excellence Models and includes a “A step-by-step methodology for an organization to conduct a self-assessment”.

The self-assessment “should result in an action plan for improvement and/or innovation that should be used as an input to top management for planning and review”. The Guidance is based upon ISO 9000:2015’s seven principles especially on a “Process Approach” being the basis for the ISO 9004 Self-assessment. It also links to ISO 9002:2017 for Internal Auditing of “Projects and Processes, and not the Clauses of ISO 9001”. These projects can be those done under Continual Improvement, TQM, Quality Circles, Lean, Kaizen, BPR or Six Sigma™.

The Hunter Café Quality session is timely as Standards Australia and ISO have a number of publications for release that are Process-based. The ISO 9004 self-assessment briefing will provide linkages to strategy, leadership, benchmarking, business and supplier excellence assessments using risk-based thinking to continually improve business processes, to meet interested parties needs and expectations.
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