Quality, Price or Time - which two mean more to your customers? Brisbane - Australia
Tuesday, 03/19/19 17:15 - 18:30
John Gillespie talks about the Value Triangle, a valuable and powerful tool for prioritising and decision making. Come along and see how to get the balance right for your customers.

The value triangle, as it is sometimes known, is a valuable tool for prioritizing and decision making.

It is often used as a throw away tool when discussing the topic of business management, but it is a powerful tool in the hands of a competent leader or professional if used in the way it is intended.

The idea of the triangle is that a product or service’s value is defined as having 3 value for money elements, and they are:

1. Value according to low price
2. Value according to premium quality, or
3. Value according to fast delivery time

The thing is, you can pick any two of the values, but it is not possible to choose all three. So, business decision-makers need to understand their customer needs and wants and deliver the product or service based in these needs

This presentation will discuss the relationship between the Value Triangle and Quality
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