Company Visit to Southern Cross Ceramics, Melbourne - Australia
Tuesday, 09/24/19 14:30 - 16:30
This is more than just tile manufacturing! Come and see how a small Australian company has survived by focussing on the right things.
“We love manufacturing in Australia, it's not easy, but it's our thing"

What is it about Southern Cross Ceramics that makes them so interesting?

Southern Cross Ceramics are an Australian-owned company. They design and manufacture an extensive range of tiles which are sold through all major tile retailers. Southern Cross Ceramics have received Australia-wide acclaim after being used in several renovation TV programs.

But there's a lot more to this firm than you might think. It's definitely worth the investment of an afternoon to understand how they do Quality.

Because for Southern Cross Ceramics, Quality is paramount. They decorate tiles. They produce an architectural product, for which aesthetics, consistency and market responsiveness are critical. So Quality involves a lot: supplier management, manufacturing control, product aesthetics, culture, and more. In fact, the whole "think like a customer" theme in practice.

Register now to assure your place for a visit that promises to be both informative and intriguing, and will definitely open up new perspectives on Quality.
contact person: Jeff Ryall
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