Best Practices in Process Management, Thornhill - Canada
Friday, 10/25/19 09:00 - 12:30
Best Practices in Process Management is a course module that teaches participants the best practices associated with successful process management. The focus of the course module is in understanding that process improvement starts with a fundamental knowledge and recognition of quality gaps and is tied to the never-ending journey for continual process improvement.

Participants enrolled in this course module will receive lessons on strategies for process improvement and will have the opportunity to hear guest speakers from Canada Awards for Excellence recipients discuss process improvements implemented within their own organizations. Candidates submit and share the results of their “Process Impact Assignment” with the facilitator and fellow candidates. The emphasis of the assignment is on the learning of process management with success measured if learning results in a significant positive impact on the process itself. A facilitated discussion of lessons-learned and practical examples of application i s also included in this session.