Importance of Benchmarking & Business Excellence in Today's World, Webinar
Friday, 12/04/20 16:00 - 17:00
Dr Robin Mann, Founder and Provider of Global Benchmarking and Business Excellence Research, Training and Consultancy Services, will present the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research’s recent work in benchmarking and business excellence and discuss the relevance of these topics in today’s world.

Provide an overview of COER’s research on “Excellence Without Borders” – research supported by the Global Excellence Model Council in which 26 countries participated. Some of the research findings relevant to Business Excellence Australia and the promotion of excellence within Australia will be shared.
Present for the first time the new and improved Best Practice Improvement Resource ( A resource that benefits members of BEA and AOQ in finding and implementing best practices. The new version of the website will be ready for launch in December 2020.

Provide an overview of the powerful TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology used by organisations to fast-track and embed breakthrough performance. The methodology has recently been used to assist the Dubai Government in recovering from COVID-19 and since 2015, thirty-five benchmarking projects for the Dubai government have been undertaken (from tackling Diabetes to increasing the safety and efficiency of baggage handling at Dubai Airports - refer to book of case studies).