Business consulting in the digital age, Auckland - New Zealand
Wednesday, 07/26/17 17:15 - 19:00
Today's business has become and is becoming even more information centric. This is both in the way the business environment is analysed, how customers are engaged and how business operations function. The digitally enabled world is a world of possibilities for businesses to tap, but its complexity means unless you are someone with perspective it is hard to fathom. This is a key area in which management consultants with their wider perspectives can add value today and in to the future.

Business consulting in the digital age involves knowing how and where to apply technology. This requires consultants to extend their toolkit to use new tools. Tony will be taking you through techniques and frameworks you can apply to deliver the most value. He will explain where traditional approaches can be expanded to tap in to digital maturity and enablement models. Then will go on to provide examples of digital strategies in practice.

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