Webinar: EFQM Expert Webinar - Introduction to Sustainability
Tuesday, 06/04/19 11:00 - 12:00
Introduction to Sustainability: Global Trends and the link to Excellence

In today's business world, improving corporate responsibility, is not only "nice to have", but influences the chances of future survival and potential growth. However, effective handling of Corporate Sustainability, especially in cases of scarce resources, has to be facilitated by modern management practices and techniques which ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Within this webinar, participants will introduced to the fundamentals of Sustainability, the benefits for applying Sustainability practices, the global trends and good practices (mainly in seven areas), while the link with the EFQM Excellence model will also be depicted:
-Definition and Scope
-Factors that led to the development
-Characteristics of successful organisations
-Benefits of being Sustainable
-Risk of failure
-Link with Excellence
-Main Global Trends (Management, Environment, Community, Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Owners)
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