Consumer Focus & Quality - A Paradox? Or Not?, Brisbane - Australia
Thursday, 10/17/19 17:15 - 18:30
With the ongoing scrutiny of aged care and the growing demand of the sector, the consumer has at last become the focus of the industry. Yet in such a highly regulated industry, can this focus exist in perfect harmony with quality?

Alasdair MacDonald from Dr Alasdair Aged Care Consulting will discuss the recent changes in the aged care industry and challenge the audience to think of what we as consumers want when it comes to aged care.

Presenter: Dr Alasdair MacDonald

Dr Alasdair MacDonald is a specialist in Aged Care with a focus on tailored consulting services such as
- Marketing point(s) of difference with a suite of Marketing solutions,
- Making Quality Improvements a daily task without the burden (Member of the Australian Organisation for Quality).
- Identifying Innovation that can be unique to you, and
- Ensuring Consumer Experience is at the heart of what everyone does in your organisation.
- Education and Training
Alasdair also lectures on some of these same subjects at Torrens University Australia.
contact person: Louise Edgley
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