Ensuring a Quality Foundation for Australia's Hydrogen Economy, Online
Thursday, 08/13/20 10:00 - 14:00
Australia has the ambition and the capability to be a global hydrogen superpower but how do we create a quality foundation to fully realise our potential? Join us for a discussion.

NERA is Australia’s industry growth centre for our world-leading energy resources sector. Australia is the leading exporter of both LNG and coal globally and has 30% of the world’s known uranium deposits. In a world of increasing energy demand and pressure to reduce emissions, renewable hydrogen, releasing only water vapour when used, appears to be a valuable solution. Australia has the vast renewable energy resources required to meet our own needs and export to the world. However, there are significant economic, environmental, social and quality challenges to overcome before Australia and the world embraces hydrogen as a low or zero emission energy resource. Can we do it?
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