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Roads and Transport Authority – UAE – EFQM Global Award 7 Diamonds (Runner-up – Outstanding Achievement for Strategic Vision) – 2022

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has a visionary objective to become a “world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility” which supports the wider ecosystem taking account of local and global issues.
• Design and delivery of Integrated transportation services based on all stakeholders needs and expectations.
• Use of leading technology to provide comprehensive services in all modes of transport
• Expert base and in-house training and development opportunities
• Strong financial standing

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department – UAE – Organisation-Wide Innovation Award – 2022

By adopting an innovation strategy the leadership have been established guidelines to encourage and inspire employees and create a culture of participation by adopting a set of practices, including organizing visits to institutions and bodies to see the best practices and knowledge, innovative and technological initiatives.
The Ajman Municipality leadership is committed to building a strong infrastructure for the development of the employee’s mindset while maintaining the achievement of the innovation goals. The concept of the knowledge management system and the innovation management system to understand the needs and expectations of employees through the study of their annual knowledge needs, programs of training plans were proposed to rehabilitate the workers in order to enable them to manage the established programs and meet the professionals and practical needs of the entity.

Securities and Commodities Authority – UAE – Organisation-Wide Innovation Award – 2022

Since 2015, the government announced to sloganize the year 2015 as the “Innovation Year” and implement a festival week of innovation activities all over UAE. The management of SCA has grasped the opportunity to assign a CEO for Innovation and initiated a permanent “Innovation & services development committee” which is formed to perform as a vehicle to enrich the organization’s innovation culture and increase the awareness/ concept of innovation and creativity.
Every year the management approves the activities plan for UAE Innovation month. A variety of activities are conducted through workshops and site visits, to ensure spreading the innovation culture not only to the employee but also to the strategic partners and customers.

Dubai Police – United Arab Emirates – Global Benchmarking Award – 2022

Back in 1990, Dubai Police (DP) began working in the journey of excellence, the foundation of the quality improvement was based on quality management principles and the culture of Dubai Police to offer the best services to the residents and citizens of this dynamic city. Since 2012, Dubai Police use Benchmarking for Best Practices TRADE methodology, we had been learning and sharing best practices not only with police forces and law enforcement agencies from all over the world but also from privates and NGO organizations. The Benchmarking information can then be used to identify gaps at Dubai Police processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage

Securities and Commodities Authority – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (SCA Happiness Toolkit)

The UAE Securities & Commodities Authority has its unique methodology that concentrates on developing an Employee Happiness Framework overpowered by positive staff, SCA makes sure to communicate the values of happiness and positivity to all its staff, lighting the high values of leadership, interaction, social responsibility, innovation, Team spirit, aiming to achieve the Employee happiness not only within SCA premises, more effecting the staff personnel life with happiness, which will reflect on work quality. Therefore, SCA Happiness Toolkit was created to include all our manpower capacity that applies to all staff levels, including staff, and managers reaching to the top management.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Caring for Caregivers: Supporting Nurses’ Wellbeing Through Hospital-based Programs)

The initiative dubbed “Your Health First” is a program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of nurses across the facilities who have taken up the project. The initiative focuses mainly on nurses and aims to broadly connect and engage individual nurses to take action to take responsibility for their own health within the five domains: activity, sleep, nutrition, quality of life, and safety. The initiative also provides a platform to inspire action, cultivate friendly competition, provide content and resources to nurses, gather data, and connect nurses who wanted to look after their health in general.

Dubai Police – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Project Xovis – A Best Practice Passenger Inspection System Utilising Thermal Sensors)

The idea of experimenting with the thermal sensing system for the movement of passengers in security areas came as a result of the General Department of Airport Security and stakeholders ensuring accuracy and speed in implementing security measures. To keep pace with Dubai Airports’ plans to be the first airport in the world to use smart and advanced systems to upgrade services and facilitate procedures that make the passenger’s journey smoother through the implementation of the passenger movement sensing system (xovis) in departures and transfer (transit\connecting) security screening areas to reduce waiting time, improve quality and efficiency and increase the productivity of security screeners.

Ambulatory Healthcare Services – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Ongoing Program to Improve Medication Use Management and Utilize PharmacoEconomics (OPTIMIZE))

The best practice is a multidisciplinary collaborative approach of medication evaluation, pharmacoeconomic and clinical audit studies for new medications, generics and biosimilars added to the formulary, besides the existing medications to assure the most clinically-effective and cost-effective medication provided to our patients.
OPTIMIZE consists of three basic frameworks to optimize medication use: a medication uses evaluation study to promote optimal medication management, a pharmacoeconomic study to ensure that our patients are provided with the best possible effective medication, especially with new generics and biosimilars, and a clinical audit study to verify that drug therapy meets the most updated standards of care.

Securities and Commodities Authority – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Governance Framework)

The practice focuses on the transparency and accountability of declaring all information which is considered very important to ensure governance practice which was started in 2019. SCA created its governance framework and it clarifies all internal and external bodies who contribute to the annual Governance report which clarifies all aspects of the organization on the strategic, operational, Human resources, IT, health and safety, etc.