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Dubai Municipality – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Smart System for infrastructure project & affected plots)

Launching a smart electronic system, to automate the procedures of approving infrastructure projects on the cadastral system of Dubai Municipality (especially road projects), and to raise the efficiency of these procedures. The scope of the application is the road projects in the Emirate of Dubai, and the system is used by government authorities concerned with approving road projects: Dubai Municipality (DM) & Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Higher Colleges of Technology – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (HCT Professional Certifications and Qualifications (PCQ) Embedding Program)

The best practice presented is a program for embedding Professional Certifications and Qualifications (PCQ) into the academic curriculum to enhance graduates’ competitive advantage in the UAE job market. The Program commenced in August 2016 as Strategic Initiative, as part of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) 2016/2020 Strategic Plan. HCT PCQ Embedding Program mandates the embedding of UAE-relevant PCQs in HCT Academically Accredited curriculum to enhance graduates’ competitive advantage in the UAE job market with a number of PCQs, in addition to their Academic Degrees. As of 2022, 62 out of our 66 Academic Programs embed 39 PCQs.

Ambulatory Healthcare Services – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (The first outpatient antimicrobial stewardship program in the region lead by ambulatory clinical pharmacists)

Antibiotic resistance and antibiotics inappropriate use is the greatest public health challenges of our time, as per the international benchmark almost at least 30% of the antibiotics prescriptions are unnecessary, and the remaining 70 % are likely necessary.
AHS’s best practice is the initiative to implement an effective Antimicrobial Stewardship Program as the first of its kind in the UAE to improve antibiotic prescribing with a target of 50 % reduction of total inappropriate antibiotics prescription and reduce the unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics for viral infections to Zero % in 48 weeks.

Gulf Rubber Industries – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Innovative Product Development)

The improved process provides use the leverage to interact with the customer and understand their concerns on how can the product be improved. The revised process approach also provides our customers with better-improved solutions in terms of product life cycle and better performance. The new product development process map is designed to maintain the process as per the defined process parameters. The purpose of this best practice is to provide better alternative solutions to customers to mitigate the risks from their existing products

Ambulatory Healthcare Services – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (The Impact of Integrating Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist lead Medication Therapy Management (MTM))

The best practice is an initiative that mainly focused on integrating the medication therapy management services led by ambulatory clinical pharmacists for highly complex uncontrolled Diabetic patients with high glycated haemoglobin. The main scope of the project is that the Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacists for the first time will provide a full medication therapy management service in collaboration with AHS physicians to provide the highest risk uncontrolled diabetic patients with the best-tailored management plan.

Higher Colleges of Technology – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Impact Driven Institutional Performance Framework (IPF) & Management)

building excellence in Performance – Public Higher Education
Impact Driven Institutional Performance Framework (IPF) & Management is a managerial practice established in Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) that is directly linked to and supports HCT’s strategic goals, its measurement & management to boost the competitiveness for continuous performance improvements and also for any further strategic realignments required for the realization of its Vision, Mission and Strategic Aspirations.
HCT transformed the framework and its management by the establishment of an advanced digital infrastructure called Institutional Performance Management System(IPMS), resulting in high data accuracy, reliability & efficiency, spare time for developing further insights and enhanced performance that supported our institutional journey to excellence.

Dubai Municipality – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (Electronic Certificate Integration)

Electronic Certificate integration is an initiative Dubai Municipality started in 2017 and was ready to use in 2020. The initiative aims to reduce the use of papers in the process of releasing imported food consignments by using the systems integration technique. In, Dubai Municipality’s food import and re-export system will be able to fetch the required Documents from other systems automatically after the integration process is successful.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) – UAE – International Best Practice Competition – 2022 (DAEP’s Operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT) Method)

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) is a leading Engineering and Project Management organization responsible for the design, master planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector. The operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT) methodology is an integrated approach for managing the transition of a new facility or service from the Construction Phase into the Operation Phase. It ensures a safe and reliable operation starting from day one by eliminating all potential operational issues and increasing the opportunities for a seamless transition.