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Customer Complaints Resolution
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Customer Complaints Resolution
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Example Cases

Learn valuable lessons from these organisations:

Starwood Resorts & Hotels Worldwide Inc

Customer Complaints Resolution Process in a hotel chain

To ensure consistency in its Sheraton brand hotels` Service Promise Programme, Starwood Resorts & Hotels Worldwide Inc, a USA based hotel and leisure company, implemented a customer-response system. When a customer highlights a problem or complaint, the staff member enters the information into the system via a PC or mobile device. The system e-mails an appropriately skilled person to rectify the problem/complaint and tracks the resolution. Based on pre-set parameters, the system also identifies a fair compensation (gift certificate, loyalty points or refund). Once resolved the problem is closed in the system. The centralised reporting provides a tool for identifying trends and problem areas. For example, an unusual number of housekeeping complaints in a particular area might indicate that a new staff member needs more training. As a result the company can now identify trends and problems, apply expeditious solutions, and award similar compensation for complaints, chain-wide.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) USA Worldwide Inc

Customer Satisfaction Measurement in a car service organisation

The Manager of National Customer Administration of Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A Incorporated, explained how customer service and satisfaction measurements were critical to the success of Toyota`s US car and truck dealerships. Toyota`s customer satisfaction program, called the Toyota Touch, was based on the philosophy of the 3Cs - communication, cooperation, and consideration. TMS also had a Customer Assistance Centre with a free-phone telephone number staffed by 50 highly trained people who deal with 1500 calls daily. The new Vehicle Sales and Delivery Survey (NVDS) and the Toyota Service Survey (TSS) contributed to assessing customer satisfaction. These techniques and mechanisms helped TMS achieve the following: the average resolution time for customer complaints was reduced to six days from a previous average of 27 days. 93% of the customers indicated they would purchase another vehicle from the same dealer. During 1991-92 Toyota increased its sales by 3.2% although total sales of autos in the U.S. were down 10%.

Granite Rock

Baldrige National Quality Award winner information

Granite Rock, Watsonville, California , building raw materials supplier, won the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1992:
Costs incurred in resolving complaints are equivalent to 0.2 percent of sales, as compared with the industry average of 2%.

Armstrong World Industries Building Products Operations

Baldrige National Quality Award winner information

Armstrong Building Products, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, manufacturer of acoustical ceilings and wall panels, won the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1995: The Armstrong BPO field sales force are empowered to approve claims of up to $5,000, accounting for about 90% of all claims.

Merrill Lynch Credit

Baldrige National Quality Award winner information

Merrill Lynch Credit, Jacksonville, Florida won the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1997:
Clients receive acknowledgment of any complaint within two business days, and resolution is arrived at in no more than five business days.


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