Summary of Best Practices


The following is a summary of the best practices and/ or insights for building customer loyalty covered in this Best Practice Report:

  1. Be adaptable, by matching products and services to meet individual customers’ requirements.
  2. Show commitment through responsiveness and the effective resolution of customer concerns and complaints.
  3. Be collaborative, by enabling customers to share their opinions and ideas.
  4. Make purchasing processes simple, intuitive and user-friendly.
  5. Build and sustain personal, product and brand loyalty, which leads to service provider loyalty. This will help attract and maintain loyal customers.
  6. Build lasting and positive relationships with customers and thereby generate greater profits through customer retention.
  7. Create more effective customer touch-points, by ensuring a balance between people, technology and processes.
  8. Generate trust by respecting the customer’s time and privacy.
  9. Create and maintain proactive and personalised communications with customers to reinforce a positive brand image.
  10. Enhance customer interactions by using location intelligence, right timed rewards, and multiple channels for consumer communications.

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