At the annual convention of The National Speakers Association, in Orlando, FL., one session was restricted to speakers whose gross income exceeded one million dollars (would you like to be part of that group?). A summary of the characteristics of those attending was shared in a separate break-out session.  All of the million dollar mindset characteristics are important and of course collectively they are extremely powerful. These characteristics have been developed into a self-assessment which is posted in the members’ area of the website.  

The self–assessment will help you to gauge the intensity with which you are striving to achieve your goals.

For each statement below assess your attitude or motivation using the following intensity / effectiveness scale.

Click here to download the self assessment.


  • The higher your score the closer you are to developing a million dollar mindset
  • Areas ranked as “1” or “0” should be looked at carefully. Perhaps you need to enlist the help of others to help fill in the weak areas or to provide training.

For the full self-assessment join the . We have over 60 different self-assessment tools to assess your processes, systems and functional areas.

Neil Crawford

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