Jim speaking at the International Best Practice Competition, 2023
At 95 years old, Dr H. James Harrington, continues to be a prolific author and thought leader in business transformation. Jim, as he likes to be known, ensures he stays at the forefront of business knowledge through maintaining strong business networks and following the latest research and trends.

Jim’s recent work has focused on innovation, his groundbreaking approach to innovation was recognized at the 9th International Best Practice Competition (IBPC) where his company Harrington Management Systems, headquartered in Los Gatos, California were recognized as the winner for the category of Innovation Systems and Approaches for its best practice of Redesigning Innovation Operations to Optimise Performance.

This best practice was developed to help organizations design and implement an innovation ecosystem. For many organizations, especially SME’s, innovation is an abstract concept and poses many challenges. This best practice helps teams focus on the process of generating ideas and linking those ideas to the organization’s overall performance management whilst fostering an innovation culture.

Further information on this best practice is available to BPIR.com members here.

For those interested in learning about Innovation, Jim’s recent book titled “Total Innovative Management Excellence (TIME)” provides a good starting point. The book is organized around Dr. Harrington’s innovation pyramid, which consists of the 16 building blocks required to bring about significant improvements in an organization’s ability to deliver creative products. It highlights the principles and recommendations in ISO’s innovation standard 56002 and provides many new concepts that are not included in the standard. The book includes a free, powerful, and valuable online customized innovation maturity analysis.

Some of Jim’s many books are shown above and can be accessed through this biography provided by Routledge https://www.routledge.com/authors/i76-h-james-harrington

May Jim’s incredible enthusiasm, energy and intellect continue to inspire us all as he approaches the remarkable milestone of 100 years, setting a stellar example in business performance.

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