Dr John Bullivant, a founder of the UK Benchmarking Institute and the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and friend of the BPIR.com, will explain in a forthcoming seminar how his new organisation, the Centre for Quality in Governance (CQG “) has utilised many years of experience and its network to create a unique suite of e-learning modules which, whilst targeted at an eclectic international and business market, has particular roots in the NHS throughout the UK and public services in general. Its premise is Governance is critical to designing future delivery systems that are resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

The suite at present contains 10 modules with a further three cross-cutting modules on diversity, sustainability, and preparedness in development.

Each module has learning objectives, expert opinion, interactive exercises, reading lists, resources, questions and answers. The programme is supported by an online maturity matrix, which boards are encouraged to use over time to review progress.

Each module provides certification of achievement and completion of the whole suite provides a certificate of competence in public service governance and effective leadership.

The programme will be presented at the ISQUA International Health Quality Conference to be held in Australia at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on Thursday, 20th October, 10:45 – 11:30.

For further information on the governance e-learning modules refer to https://cqg.org.uk

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