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Employee development initiatives are of benefit both to the individuals concerned and to the organisations that they serve. Well developed employees can help to facilitate growth through being better informed and by jointly sharing the organisation's vision; they are also better equipped to bring improvements to their work environment and processes. Such employees are described as being "engaged" or better connected with the organisation and its leadership. These employees tend to have confidence in the organisation's future direction and thereby put their energies towards producing better results.

The development of engaged individuals within an organisation is not a trivial exercise, it demands that the organisation's leadership and management structures will embrace a culture of talent development and retention. Engaging employees is seen as a core part of the organisation's business strategy for marketplace success. Coaching and mentoring are key components of an effective employee development programme,  Special care is taken to ensure that talented people are both hired and then offered a commitment by the organisation to maintain their ongoing development.

An understanding of the various aspirations and motivating factors which drive behaviour patterns can be of assistance when seeking to encourage significant growth in employees.  Coaching and mentoring can become the vehicle that motivates behavioural change and changes the performance of an organisation. Benefits include improvements in business and individual performance, better employee and customer attitudes, improved leadership behaviours and skills, better communications and, increased confidence. Well mentored individuals know that they are being looked after and consequently gain confidence in their abilities and respond accordingly.

Internships are another form of talent development which are of value to both the employee and the employer. Employers benefit from the new talents and skills provided by the intern and the intern with desirable attributes can be groomed for long-term service within an organisation.


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