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Employee Motivation 2
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Employee Motivation 2
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Summary of Best Practices

The following is a summary of the best practices and/or insights found within this Management Brief:

1.  Understand that organisations with highly motivated employees tend to be more profitable, experience lower staff turnover, deliver higher levels of customer service and productivity, and benefit from greater innovation.

2. Develop strongly motivated employees that are equipped to:

  • reach their personal goals
  • maximise productivity
  • grow in self-esteem
  • navigate change.

3. Develop morale-building programmes to create an environment in which employees look forward to working each day.

4. Build an organisation with high morale in which employees:

  • experience fair treatment
  • have a sense of achievement in their work, and pride in their employer
  • enjoy good, productive relationships with fellow employees
  • understand that trust and communication are Paramount
  • are recognised as individuals
  • have carefully crafted incentives that reward team performance and minimise individual self-protective behaviour
  • are aware of the impact their work has on the life of customers, co-workers, and the organisation itself.

5. Consider implementing the following practices to improve employee motivation:

  • clearly communicate the links between performance and rewards
  • ensure that performance ratings truly reflect actual performance levels
  • eliminate all unnecessary duplication of tasks
  • find the right fit between people and jobs through job sizing and role definitions
  • ensure that leaders have the appropriate competencies/management styles for motivating employees
  • focus on non-monetary rewards in particular, such as career-growth opportunities, development, and recognition programmes.

6. Develop engaged employees with an energy/passion for their job and their employer. Implement the following key drivers of employee engagement:

  • ensure that employees have variety in the work they do
  • ensure that employees have some control over how work is done
  • provide clear feedback about personal performance
  • provide recognition for work well done
  • ensure that employees can see how their work has an impact on the organisation’s performance
  • develop an environment of personal respect.


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