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Learn valuable lessons from these organisations:

First Tennessee National Corporation

Work-life programmes can bring positive organisational results

A key aspect of productive and satisfied employees is workplace flexibility. First Tennessee National Corporation started taking family issues seriously, and made them top priority. They reshaped the rules they had forced employees to live under, added many family-friendly new benefits, and sent managers through three and one-half days of training. Employees stayed twice as long and the bank kept seven percent more of its customers. In addition, changes in employee benefits helped contribute a 55 percent profit gain over two years.

Hewrga Electric

Internal communications strategy in a small manufacturer

Herga Electric pride itself on having open networks and consultation with employees on organisational issues. The only locked filing cabinets in the plant are those containing personnel files and that is only due to legal reasons. In addition to monthly team briefings that involve all employees, there is a constant flow of informal communication within the organisation in both upward and downward directions. Employee involvement is encouraged through discussion groups. A discussion forum is convened twice a year and involves debate on `anything and everything`. Participation is voluntary, and the HR department tries to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to take part at some point and everyone is invited to make suggestions for the agenda. The group discusses the `hot issues` and delivers feedback to the workforce. Groups such as the Herga Improvement Teams (HITs) and the Herga Opportunities for Performance Improvement (HOPI) are concerned with improvements in the organisation. New ideas put forward by employees are judged on merit rather than usefulness, and a tax-free financial award is made available for successful proposals. The internal communications strategy creates increased levels of commitment and motivation in the workforce, and the organisation currently has a 95% retention rate compared to an industry average of around 60%.

Swale Borough Council

Psychological contract in a local authority

Since 1999, Swale Borough Council has continued to implement new initiatives that benefit employees and the organization through the use of a psychological contract. Communication is an important part of building a successful relationship and this is supported at the top with the Chief Executive`s `open door` policy. Managers are actively encouraged to communicate with, and recognise the contribution of, their staff, and a supportive, open management style helps foster a relaxed culture. Employee development is also very important with a variety of training courses being offered. In addition, nonfinancial recognition such as praise and appreciation of employees` contribution are encouraged and emphasis is put on offering flexible benefits and flexible working opportunities to help employees to achieve a healthy work/life balance. By providing these employee benefits, the organisation hopes to see improved business performance through boosted moral, motivation, and loyalty.


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