Susan H Ivancevich [1] a fellow of the Dixon Hughes Faculty and her colleagues, in a article aimed primarily at newly employed accountancy graduates, provide the following tips for holding on to a job enhancing a career:

Best practices for new employees

  1. Volunteer for new assignments: employers appreciate employees that show initiative and that look for new assignments and responsibilities.
  2. Work as a team player: the new employee’s goal during the first two years in particular should be to do whatever it takes to earn recognition as being a valuable member of the team.
  3. Show a desire to learn: including reading trade journals in  clients' industries, studying new accounting standards, and asking questions concerning these in connection with job responsibilities.
  4. Display a positive attitude: arriving at work on time with a positive attitude can greatly benefit your career.
  5. Have a strong work ethic: going above and beyond requirements, demonstrating a willingness to work hard and putting in extra effort for the organisation.
  6. Ask good questions: ask questions when required taking care to do this in an appropriate way.
  7. Produce quality work: be committed to excellence, review work before submitting, ensure that it accomplishes what was requested.

[1] R11063 Ivancevich, S H., Ivancevich, D. M., Roscher, R., (2010), The First Two Years of Employment: Strategies and Pitfalls, The CPA Journal, Vol 79, Iss 7, pp 69-73, New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, New York

Neil Crawford

Members may read the full article which provides further advice about giving feedback to employees by clicking on the link below:

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