By Adam Stoehr, MBA

Expect this song from our friend Adam Stoehr, Vice President – Education, Excellence Canada to become a big hit! Excellence Canada are a partner of

I’ve done a bunch of song remixes over the last couple of years to include references to Excellence Canada criteria and standards. I’m just trying to spread the word on Excellence in a fun way. After the last remix was released a few months back, one of the Quest for Excellence newsletter readers challenged me to try and do a rap song. I’ve remixed The Eagles, Guns and Roses, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones, so why not Jay Z? Here is my attempt at a rap song. Have fun listening. I also recorded the song to a track so you can listen and read along with the lyrics. Maybe it will show up on the billboard charts one day…

Click to download the MP3.

Yeah – That’s how we roll!

This one goes out to all you quality management fans out there.
Excellence Canada…in the house.
Where my process mappers at?
Where my maps at?

Where my maps at?
Where my charts at?
Where my plans at?
Where my peeps at?
Where my trends at?

No, seriously homey. Where are the maps?
They’re right here, see?
Oh, cool, G.

I work hard with my staff to pen process maps
Participation in these sessions man we get no naps
We’ve got stickies on the walls and Macs on our laps
Once we get the process down we can start fixin’ gaps

We are the best in the world man we got game
We’re not playin’ homey, we all know the aim
Our staff feel good and never get the blame
The leaders and the doers are one and the same

That’s how we roll man in, the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man in, the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man in, the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man in the Ex game,

Check it…
I love hangin’ with my staff sippin’ tea, keep morale high,
Stuff at lunch to keep active, if they wanna try
We’re an awesome workplace, (Right!) and it’s apparent, (True!)
And in this house there’s no measure/future swearin’.

Straight ownin’ customers with our survey skills,
They can tell us how they feel, so we handle the bills,
And we always meet their needs, cleanin’ up all spills.
Every CAE Summit…shows we’re kind of a big deal.

—And the award for Best Organization EIW goes to…

Bring the beat back, ’cause, yo, I got more to say,
You know we’re always on time, never late like Santa’s sleigh.
Work with suppliers, Take profits higher,
Focused on prevention, never puttin’ out fires.

Singin’ “healthy workplace” in perfect harmony,
When I’m rollin’ with my posse at the CAE.
We got the key, it’s called the P-E-P.,
And it’s true, if I were you, I’d be jealous of me…


That’s how we roll man, in the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man, in the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man, in the Ex game,
That’s how we roll man, in the Ex game,

Thanks for coming out today
Excellence Canada in the House
That’s how we roll…

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