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I am bringing to your attention 3 articles on Executing Successful Business Surveys by Dr. Tariq A. Aldowaisan, Associate Professor at Kuwait University and Managing Director of Gulf Lead Consultants.  These articles are written from both an academic and practical perspective – thus providing some very useful insights into what needs to be considered when designing and executing surveys. Surveys are often used to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback particularly from employees and customers on areas such as satisfaction. However, in many cases, not enough attention has been spent on survey design, sample size, and analysis of data – if you follow Dr Tariq Aldowaisan’s advice your survey methods and results from using them will improve.

Read the first article of the series here . The remaining articles are available to members of the bpir.com.

The photo below is when I was with Dr Tariq Aldowaisan in May 2010. I was providing a benchmarking training course on behalf of Gulf Lead Consultants – BPIR.com’s partners in Kuwait. Gulf Lead Consultants are playing a leading role in all aspects of quality management and business improvement. One initiative that Dr Tariq Aldowaisan hopes to start soon is the formation of a Quality Society which will help Kuwait in its endeavour to fulfill its 2035 vision (a vision developed by the Kuwait government with input from people such as the UK’s ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair). Like many countries in the Middle East, Kuwait has produced a long-term plan that is available for all to see – this helps businesses and society in general to buy-in and align themselves to the plan. Dr Tariq Aldowaisan believes that one key omission from the plan is the integration and use of quality – hence the desire for a Quality Society and a greater use of quality management tools and techniques to increase the likelihood of the plan being met. Further information on the Kuwait 2035 plan can be obtained here.

Dr. Tariq A. Aldowaisan speaking during TRADE benchmarking workshop in Kuwait
Dr Tariq Aldowaisan at one of TRADE Benchmaking workshops in Kuwait


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